Far Cry 6: Guerrilla Camps and Their Growth

This Far Cry 6 guide page explains what guerrilla camps are, their benefits, and how to expand them to become rebel hideouts.

On this Far Cry 6 guide page, you will find all the important information on guerrilla hideouts. We discuss what guerrilla camps are, how to unlock them, the different types of safe areas, what rewards await you in guerrilla camps, and how to expand them by constructing new facilities.

  • Overview of guerrilla hideouts
  • Montero Farm – The Madrugada Camp
  • Patriotas Peak – The El Este Camp
  • Camp Maximas – The Valle De Oro Camp
  • Other safe hideouts in the game world
  • Main features of guerrilla hideouts
  • Hideout expansion – list of facilities

Overview of Guerrilla Hideouts

Guerrilla camps are some of the biggest allied locations in Far Cry 6, where friendly rebels from different groups collaborate to overthrow Anton Castillo.

Below are the primary camps and their locations. During various operations, which are main quests in Madrugada, El Este, and Valle De Oro regions, you will visit all guerrilla hideouts for the first time. Once you find a hideout, you can return to it anytime and fast travel to it.

Although the game switches to the TPP view in hideouts, it does not impact gameplay in any way. It is a cosmetic change intended to show you what your character looks like with all the equipment you’ve given them.

Montero Farm – The Madrugada Camp

Montero Farm is a rebel hideout located in the Madrugada region. You can unlock it by completing the Meet the Monteros operation, the first main quest in this region.

Note – You can tackle all three camp-unlocking quests immediately after completing the prologue. We recommend finishing them as soon as possible to unlock the camps’ unique features and more accessible fast travel points.

Patriotas Peak – The El Este Camp

Patriotas Peak is a rebel hideout located in the El Este region. You can unlock it by completing the Meet the Legends operation, the first main quest in this region.

Camp Maximas – The Valle De Oro Camp

Camp Maximas is a rebel hideout located in the Valle De Oro region. You can unlock it by completing the Meet Maximas Matanzas operation, the first main quest in this region.

Other Safe Hideouts in the Game World

Guerrilla camps are not the only locations where rebels reside in Far Cry 6. Other than these, the largest allied area is Libertad Island, which you will visit for the first time after completing the prologue. You will find Juan’s workshop on the island, where you can craft Supremos and Resolver weapons. Unfortunately, it does not offer as many features as other camps.

Later in the campaign, you will unlock more permanent or temporary hideouts where you can meet guerrilla soldiers, use workbenches, or accept quests. All of these locations are marked with blue icons on the world map.

Key features of guerrilla hideouts

A primary reason for visiting guerrilla hideouts is to unlock new missions, including operations (main quests) and Yaran stories (side quests). Quest icons will appear on the world map next to the hideout icon, so you don’t need to physically go to the hideout to check for available quests.

All hideouts offer vehicle and mount pick-up points nearby, making it easy to obtain new transport methods. You can also take newly unlocked vehicles to the hideouts and add them to your garage, which is particularly useful for military machines that can’t be saved by scanning them with your phone.

Within the hideouts, you can find notice boards with Los Bandidos operations. These allow you to start missions that are entirely performed on an interactive board. You can assign your chosen leaders to specific operations and decide on their approach during the missions. Successfully completing Los Bandidos operations rewards you with unique equipment, Pesos, or rare crafting materials.

Each hideout contains a workbench to modify and upgrade your gear and Rides (unique vehicles). Although tables can be found throughout the game world, using the ones in guerrilla camps is the most convenient.

Some hideouts offer mini-games, such as dominoes and cockfighting. Both are described on a separate page of the guide.

Lola, who can be found at each guerrilla base, offers special operations, which are long missions that can be replayed multiple times. Completing special operations and eliminating Insurgency leaders (a new mechanic unlocked after beating the main story) earns you Moneda, a currency you can use to purchase black market goods from Lola.

Hideout expansion – list of facilities

The construction desk allows you to talk to the foreman and purchase new facilities. You can find the desks in each of the three main guerrilla bases, and you pay for the projects with crafting materials obtained by exploring the world, especially enemy bases. There are three levels to each project, and unlocking higher levels offers more options or profits. You can build up to two facilities in each camp, and each facility can only be built once.

The available facilities include:

1) The Hideout Network is a useful feature that allows you to unlock the wingsuit and discover new hideouts. These hideouts serve as fast travel points and offer a place to replenish supplies, gather intel, or use the workbench. You can purchase information about new hideouts to make it easier to explore the map.

2) The Guerrilla Garrison allows you to equip rebels with better gear and find laptops that tag security systems at hostile FND bases, making it easier to take them over.

3) If you enjoy fishing, the Fishing Hut is worth checking out. You can acquire gear and buffs for fishing, as well as purchase information about fishing spots to help you find specific fish.

4) La Cantina is a highly useful facility that unlocks the ability to cook meals, granting temporary stat bonuses like increased combat capabilities or resistance to fire or poison. These meals require meat from hunted animals or caught fish and can be ordered in the Cantina or made in other hideouts using cauldrons over bonfires.

5) The Bandidos Barracks lets you buy unique equipment at the guerrilla camp and recruit more Lost Bandidos for Los Bandidos operations.

6) For hunting enthusiasts, the Hunter’s Lodge offers gear and buffs for hunting as well as information about hunting spots to help you find specific wild animals.


What are guerrilla camps in Far Cry 6?

Guerrilla camps are locations in Far Cry 6 where players can find valuable resources and supplies to aid in their fight against the oppressive regime. These camps are typically guarded by enemy soldiers and require stealth and strategy to infiltrate and eliminate the opposition. Once the enemy forces have been neutralized, players can loot the camp for weapons, ammunition, and other useful items. Guerrilla camps also serve as a base of operations for the player’s own guerrilla fighters, who can be recruited and trained to assist in future missions.

How do guerrilla camps expand in Far Cry 6?

Guerrilla camps in Far Cry 6 can expand in a number of ways, depending on the player’s actions and choices. One way to expand a camp is by completing missions and objectives that are tied to that location. These missions may involve tasks such as destroying enemy convoys, rescuing hostages, or assassinating high-ranking officials. As the player completes these objectives, the camp’s infrastructure will improve, making it easier to recruit and train new fighters, obtain better weapons and equipment, and access new resources and supplies.

Another way to expand a guerrilla camp is by investing resources into its development. Players can use their own funds to construct new buildings and facilities, such as armories, training grounds, and medical clinics. These upgrades will not only improve the camp’s overall functionality, but also attract new recruits and increase the player’s influence in the region. Ultimately, the goal of expanding guerrilla camps in Far Cry 6 is to build a strong, dedicated resistance force capable of overthrowing the oppressive government and liberating the people of Yara.

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