Far Cry 6: Harpoon – guide

This Far Cry 6 guide page provides a walkthrough for Operation Harpoon. You will learn how to eliminate the poison in the fort and how to assassinate Admiral Benitez.

This Far Cry 6 guide page provides a walkthrough for the Harpoon operation – one of the primary missions in El Este. The following walkthrough explains how to survive the battle involving the Karlito tank, how to eliminate the poison in the fort, where to find Admiral Benitez, how to reach her office and assassinate her.

  • Rewards for completing the mission
  • Talk to El Tigre to initiate the attack
  • Escort Karlito the tank
  • Find Admiral Benitez
  • Turn off the poison
  • Find Admiral Benitez
  • Assassinate Admiral Benitez
  • Defend the cannon
  • Destroy Benitez’s office door
  • Kill Admiral Benitez

Rewards for completing the mission

  1. Tank 1944 Petrov HS-100 “Karlito” – you will be able to use Karlito freely in the rest of the campaign (with the use of pickup points).
  2. Unlocking the Our Right to Party operation.

Talk to El Tigre to initiate the attack

This mission will appear in your journal after completing several previous primary missions in El Este – National Treasure, Room Service and Knuckleball. You must meet Yelena at the guerrilla hideout in Concepcion.

El Tigre is located at the southern end of El Este. You can reach there using any method. Note that if there are any random soldiers or predators in the area, the game may prevent you from talking to El Tigre. You will have to neutralize these threats first.

Escort Karlito the tank

After watching the invasion cutscene, you will move right into the battle area. During the battle, focus on eliminating enemy soldiers that use rocket launchers since they are the most significant threat to Karlito. Some of them will probably occupy the walls of the fort. A good scope gun for ranged attacks will come in handy here.

Of course, keep checking the radar readings and eliminate enemies that get too close to you.

The tank’s health bar can be seen in the upper left corner of the screen, but you can increase the health level throughout the battle. If Karlito is seriously damaged, the tank will stop for a while, and you will be able to reach it with a repair kit to restore it to working order.

The premise of this battle is to enable the tank to push forward and break through the gates to get further into the fort. After you reach the last gate, a cutscene will play. After that, you will find yourself alone inside the fort.

Find Admiral Benitez

First, defend yourself against several waves of enemies. By default, all doors in the room are closed, but every now and then, a random door will open (a green light will come on next to it), and enemies will appear by the new passage. We recommend using weapons that are suitable for short-range combat and make the fight easier by throwing grenades into adjacent rooms.

To prevent harm, avoid fire and act quickly if you catch fire accidentally. In the next room, there is an adversary wearing protective gear, and you must eliminate other enemies in the vicinity before attempting to access the room. The mission objective is to stop the poisonous red vapors from spreading by quickly reaching the four valves. You may need to heal yourself during the mission, but don’t stop moving. The first valve is on the lower level beneath the closed room with the enemy in a yellow protective suit. Jump down onto the protruding ventilation shaft to find the second valve to the right of the locked room. The third valve is located straight ahead after climbing up the ladder. To find the fourth valve, go right and run over the pipes before going through the hole in the grate. You will come across an opponent in a yellow protective suit on the lower balconies where you can deal with him as you wish. Check the room where you saw the enemy in the yellow costume to find the Northern Wing Keycard. Head towards the locked door nearby with the sign Prison. Upon reaching the prison, you will have a brief encounter with the Admiral, but you cannot kill her now. Free the rebels from the cells, but beware of enemies in some of them. One of the enemies will drop the Southern Wing Keycard, which you can use to open the locked door in the area.

Eliminate Admiral Benitez

You will soon meet the rebels, including Yelena, who have infiltrated the fort. Before proceeding, search for an ammo crate.

Be prepared for another attack, as enemies will appear in the area once you leave the fort’s courtyard. You can take your time eliminating them and even retreat to attack them from cover.

Your ultimate goal is to reach the upper walls of the fortress, which can be accessed via various staircases. Keep an eye on the radar to avoid any surprise attacks from behind.

Admiral Benitez is hiding in the tower’s office, and she will lower the bars when you try to approach the tower. Wait for Yelena and Jonron to scout the blocked passage and provide further guidance.

Inspect the cannon on the fortress walls shown in the picture. You can climb the small staircase and operate the cannon from the booth.

Defend the Cannon

Before attacking the tower bars, defend yourself against enemy forces. We recommend targeting enemies with launchers first, as they cause the most damage. Also, aim for groups of enemies near Yelena. Remember that the cannon takes time to reload after each shot.

Destroy the Door to Benitez’s Office

To accomplish this task, aim for the door of the tower that was previously inaccessible. We have marked its location in the image above.

Assassinate Admiral Benitez

Head towards the office in the tower. During the cutscene, you will have to shoot Benitez, who is holding a hostage. Wait for the right moment to aim at the Admiral’s head and fire a single shot with your handgun.


What is Harpoon in Far Cry 6?

Harpoon is a weapon that can be found in Far Cry 6. It is a powerful tool that can be used to take down enemies from a distance, or even to destroy vehicles. The harpoon gun is especially useful in taking down helicopters and boats, as it can hook onto them and pull them down. Harpoon ammo can be found throughout the game world, and it can also be crafted using resources that you gather. Additionally, the harpoon can be modified with different attachments, such as a scope or a silencer, to make it even more effective in combat.

How do I use the Harpoon in Far Cry 6?

To use the Harpoon in Far Cry 6, you will need to equip it from your weapon wheel. Once you have the harpoon gun equipped, you can aim it at your target and fire. If you hit your target, the harpoon will pierce through it and hook onto it. You can then either pull your target towards you, or pull yourself towards your target using the hook. The harpoon can also be used to destroy certain objects, such as explosive barrels or weak structures. It is important to note that the harpoon has limited ammo, so be sure to use it strategically and conserve your shots when possible.

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