Far Cry 6: Levels of Difficulty

In Far Cry 6, players can choose from different levels of difficulty as they progress through the game. This page provides information about the available difficulty levels, their differences, and whether they can be adjusted during gameplay.

Our guide reveals everything you need to know about the various difficulty levels in Far Cry 6. Find out about the different modes available, how they contrast, and whether you can change them on the fly.

  • Story Mode
  • Action Mode
  • Altering Difficulty During Gameplay
  • Achievements Related to Difficulty Levels

Story Mode

Story Mode is the standard level of difficulty. Enemies do not deal much damage, get bored easily, and do not pursue you across the map. Additionally, your health regenerates quickly, making death less likely.

This option is ideal for players who want to explore the map or focus solely on the game’s narrative.

Action Mode

Action Mode is the game’s hard difficulty. Enemies are much more powerful, while your health regenerates very slowly. When playing in Action Mode, it is essential to plan ahead and manage your resources carefully. Additionally, stealth and quietly eliminating enemies can prove highly advantageous.

Keep in mind that combat is a fundamental part of Far Cry 6, and Action Mode makes encounters much longer and more challenging.

Altering Difficulty During Gameplay

Difficulty levels can be changed at any time during gameplay. Access the settings menu, select the gameplay tab, and choose the appropriate difficulty level.

Achievements Related to Difficulty Levels

Note that no achievements are linked to difficulty levels. You can complete the game in your preferred mode. All achievements are attainable, regardless of whether you choose Story Mode or Action Mode. We have provided a detailed description of all available trophies on a separate page of our guide.


1. What are the different difficulty levels in Far Cry 6?

In Far Cry 6, there are four difficulty levels to choose from: Easy, Normal, Hard, and Insane. Easy mode is recommended for those who are new to the game or those who just want to enjoy the story without too much of a challenge. Normal mode is the standard difficulty level, offering a balanced experience in terms of combat and exploration. Hard mode is for players who want a tougher challenge, with enemies dealing more damage and being more aggressive. Insane mode is the most difficult level, with enemies being extremely tough and players having to rely on their skills and strategies to survive.

2. What changes in gameplay can I expect when playing on a higher difficulty level?

When playing on a higher difficulty level, enemies will be more aggressive and deal more damage. They will also have better AI, making them more challenging to fight. Additionally, resources and ammunition will be scarcer, making it more difficult to recover health and resupply weapons and equipment. Players will need to use their skills and strategies more effectively to progress through the game.

3. Can I change the difficulty level during gameplay?

Yes, you can change the difficulty level during gameplay. This can be done by going to the options menu and selecting the difficulty level you want to switch to. However, some achievements and trophies may be affected by changing the difficulty level, so it is recommended to complete the game on one difficulty level first before changing to another.

4. Will the story be affected by the difficulty level I choose?

No, the story will not be affected by the difficulty level you choose. However, the gameplay experience and the way you approach missions and combat may differ depending on the difficulty level. The story will remain the same regardless of the level selected.

5. What difficulty level do you recommend for a challenging, but not frustrating, experience?

If you’re looking for a challenging, but not frustrating, experience, we recommend playing on Hard mode. This level offers a tough challenge without being too punishing. Players will need to use their skills and strategies effectively to progress, but will not be overwhelmed by the difficulty. If you’re new to the game or prefer a more relaxed experience, Easy or Normal mode may be more suitable.

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