Far Cry 6: Liquid Courage – Treasure Hunts (Valle De Oro)

This page provides a comprehensive description of the Liquid Courage treasure hunt in the Valle De Oro region in Far Cry 6.

This guide will give you a detailed walkthrough of the Liquid Courage treasure hunt in the Valle De Oro region of Far Cry 6.

Subregion: Noventarmas.

District: Del Toro Port.

To start the mission, read the note on the desk at the entrance to the building.

Proceed to the next stage of the mission, where you will need to unscrew three valves. The first valve is situated on the right of the door and is easy to spot.

To reach the second valve, you need to walk on the pipes, which are arranged to lead to the valve without any difficulty.

The last valve is located in the left corner of the room, next to the large tubs.

After turning all the valves, you will see the last valve with three green lights above it. If you have correctly completed everything, the lights should be green. Turn this valve when you are sure you have checked everything.

An explosion will occur, allowing you to proceed. Look up at the ceiling and climb up the rope. Move forward until you reach a room where a dead man lies. Here, the character will sober up, and you can open the chests to complete the mission.


What are the Liquid Courage treasure hunts in Far Cry 6: Valle De Oro?

The Liquid Courage treasure hunts are a series of missions in Far Cry 6 that take place in the Valle De Oro region. During these missions, players are tasked with finding hidden treasure scattered throughout the area. The treasure can be found by following clues and solving puzzles, making these missions a fun and engaging challenge for players. There are several different treasure hunts to complete, each with their own unique set of challenges and rewards. Some of the treasures players can find include rare weapons, valuable resources, and other useful items.

How do I start a Liquid Courage treasure hunt in Far Cry 6: Valle De Oro?

To start a Liquid Courage treasure hunt in Far Cry 6, players will first need to locate the treasure hunt mission on the map. These missions are marked with a special icon that looks like a treasure chest. Once you’ve located the mission, simply approach the marker and interact with it to start the mission. From there, players will be given a set of clues to follow and puzzles to solve in order to find the treasure. Be sure to pay close attention to the clues and explore the area thoroughly, as the treasure can be hidden in some unexpected places. With a little persistence and skill, you’ll be able to uncover all the treasures Valle De Oro has to offer!

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