Far Cry 6: List of Unique Bows and Weapons

Far Cry 6: This webpage presents the precise locations of all the special bows in the game.

In this Far Cry 6 guide, we have catalogued all the unique bows available in the game, and separated them by region for easy access.

  • El Caripote
  • Bullseye

El Caripote

Reward for Camp Development: Hunter’s Lodge Rank 1.

Distinctive Features: El Caripote is a bow that has been initially modified with:

  1. precision shooting,
  2. collimator bow sight,
  3. animal ruler.


Region: El Este.

Subregion: Sierra Perdida.

District: Lapida Mogote.

The chest is in a cage that has been secured with straps. They are easy to break – just hit them a few times with a machete.

Distinctive Features: Bullseye is a bow that has been modified with the following:

  1. precision shooting,
  2. crosshair reticle,
  3. on the hill,
  4. supremo head shots.


What are the new bows in Far Cry 6?

In Far Cry 6, players can expect to see two new bows added to their arsenal: the Supremo Bow and the Resolver Bow. The Supremo Bow is a powerful weapon that allows players to shoot explosive arrows, while the Resolver Bow is a silent weapon that can take down enemies with precision shots. Both bows can be customized with different types of arrows, making them versatile and deadly in combat. Players can unlock these bows by progressing through the game’s story or by completing certain challenges.

What are some unique weapons in Far Cry 6?

Far Cry 6 is known for its wide variety of unique and creative weapons, and this installment is no exception. Some of the new weapons players can expect to see include the Disc Launcher, a weapon that shoots razor-sharp discs that can slice through enemies, and the Macarena Machete, a flamboyant machete that deals massive damage. Additionally, players can also expect to see classic weapons from previous Far Cry games, such as the flamethrower and the rocket launcher. These weapons can be acquired by completing certain missions or by purchasing them from vendors scattered throughout the game world.

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