Far Cry 6: Lost and Found – walkthrough

This section of the Far Cry 6 guide presents a step-by-step guide to the Lost and Found operation, which includes finding Paolo’s location and reaching Doctor Matias.

This guide to Far Cry 6 includes the Lost and Found operation, which is one of the critical missions in Valle De Oro. The walkthrough will guide you on how to infiltrate the Noventarmas airport, rescue Paolo, and reach Dr. Matias’ clinic after being poisoned.

  • Rewards for completing the quest
  • Meet Bicho
  • Rescue Paolo
  • Return to Dr. Matias

Rewards for completing the quest

  1. Unlocked operation Intervention.

Meet Bicho

You can start the mission after completing the Words Like Bullets operation. Meet Bicho near the Noventarmas airport, specifically at the Pillbox Panic location, which is a small building on the hill to the west of the airport.

Rescue Paolo

Head towards the Noventarmas International Airport, but first, do a reconnaissance of the airport from a safe distance. Identify enemies, cameras, and alarms and try to destroy them by shooting from a distance.

To complete the mission, infiltrate the main terminal using stealth or direct combat. Locate and eliminate the enemy officer to obtain the Airport VIP Lounge Keycard.

Use the access card to enter the locked Lounge door inside the terminal and speak to Bembe, who will inform you that Paolo was taken to a nearby resort. The locations of the resorts will be added to your world map.

Explore the locations on the map to find Paolo. You do not need to eliminate the enemies, but they may interfere with your exploration. In our case, Paolo was in one of the rooms on the first floor of the La Ballenada Resort building complex.

Return to Dr. Matias

Doctor Reyes will poison you, and you must reach Dr. Matias for treatment. Head to the front door of the clinic and a new cutscene will start when you go inside.


What is Far Cry 6: Lost and Found?

Far Cry 6: Lost and Found is the latest expansion for the popular first-person shooter game, Far Cry 6. This expansion takes players on a new adventure where they must navigate through the dangerous terrain of a tropical island filled with enemies and obstacles. The expansion also introduces new weapons, vehicles, and characters for players to encounter and interact with throughout the game. Players will need to use all of their skills and resources to survive the challenges presented in Far Cry 6: Lost and Found and emerge victorious.

What can players expect from the walkthrough of Far Cry 6: Lost and Found?

The walkthrough for Far Cry 6: Lost and Found provides players with a step-by-step guide on how to complete each mission and objective in the game. It also offers tips and strategies for dealing with enemies and other obstacles that players may encounter along the way. The walkthrough aims to help players complete the game efficiently and effectively, while also providing them with an enjoyable and immersive gaming experience. Whether players are new to the Far Cry series or seasoned veterans, the walkthrough for Far Cry 6: Lost and Found can help them achieve their gaming goals and make the most out of their time playing the game.

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