Far Cry 6: Man’s Best Enemy – walkthrough

This page of the guide for Far Cry 6 provides a detailed walkthrough of the side quest Man’s Best Enemy. The guide will help you protect Chicharron, the rooster, and provide you with information on where to meet him.

This page of the game guide for Far Cry 6 includes a walkthrough of the Yaran Story titled Man’s Best Enemy, which is a side quest in El Este. This walkthrough will help you find Reinaldo and give you tips on how to successfully protect Chicharron from the guard dogs. Additionally, it will provide you with information on how to reach the water tower.

  • Rewards for completing the quest
  • Unlocking the mission
  • Talk to Reinaldo
  • Meet with Chicharron
  • Protect Chicharron
  • Vandalize the water tower

Rewards for completing the quest

  1. Unlocking the Yaran story Pecking Order.

Unlocking the mission

To unlock this side quest, you must first reach Patriotas Peak, which is a guerrilla hideout in El Este. This happens during operation Meet the Legend.

At the camp, you need to find the interactive note and read it. This will unlock the Yaran story.

Talk to Reinaldo

Reinaldo Alvarez can be found on a farm southeast of the guerilla camp. When you arrive, you will watch a cut-scene that introduces Chicharron the rooster. He can become your Amigo/pet in the future, but you must complete a total of 3 quests first (this quest and two more).

Meet with Chicharron

Without your help, the rooster will reach the new enemy location marked on the map, which is the Vacia Coast Military Kennels. Once there, you need to approach Chicharron and start following him.

Use the side lever to open the way for the rooster.

Protect Chicharron

The rooster will be frequently attacked by hostile guard dogs, and you must stop them from attacking him too often. Chicharron’s health bar is in the upper left corner of the screen, and you cannot let it drop to 0% or you will fail the mission.

Aside from directly attacking enemy dogs, you can also distract them by shooting at targets and activating mock-up targets. This will sometimes cause them to switch their attention to the dummy, making them an easy target for you and Chicharron.

You must continue fighting until all the dogs have been dealt with. More dogs will be released from their kennels in “waves,” giving you the opportunity to heal or reload your weapon.

Vandalize the water tower

After winning the battle, listen to Reinaldo’s comments and head towards the nearby water tower. Climb to the roof of the cages that used to contain the dogs, then look up and use the climbing kit on the interactive hook.

Once you are at the top, walk up to the wall of the water tower and press the interaction button to automatically cover it in graffiti. You will complete the current quest, but you will also immediately unlock the second story related to Chicharron – The Pecking Order.


1. What is “Far Cry 6: Man’s Best Enemy”?

“Far Cry 6: Man’s Best Enemy” is a walkthrough guide for the popular video game “Far Cry 6″. It provides players with a step-by-step guide on how to complete the game, including tips and tricks for beating challenging levels and bosses. This guide is designed to help players get the most out of the game and enjoy the experience to the fullest.”

2. What is the gameplay like in “Far Cry 6”?

“Far Cry 6″ is an open-world first-person shooter game. Players take on the role of Dani Rojas, a guerrilla fighter trying to liberate the fictional island of Yara from its oppressive dictator, Anton Castillo. The game features a variety of weapons and vehicles, as well as a skill tree that allows players to upgrade their abilities. The game also includes side missions and activities, such as hunting and fishing, that offer rewards and help players progress through the story.”

3. How do I beat the “Man’s Best Enemy” mission in “Far Cry 6”?

“Man’s Best Enemy” is a mission in “Far Cry 6″ where players must infiltrate a military base and steal a tank. The mission can be challenging, but there are a few tips that can help. First, try to stay stealthy and avoid being detected by enemies. Use cover and distractions to get past guards without raising the alarm. Once inside the base, take out the enemies one by one, using silenced weapons if possible. When you reach the tank, use explosives or a rocket launcher to destroy any remaining enemies and secure the tank.”

4. Are there any cheat codes for “Far Cry 6”?

There are no official cheat codes for “Far Cry 6″. However, there are a few tricks and exploits that players can use to gain an advantage. For example, players can use the grappling hook to climb to hard-to-reach areas and avoid enemy fire. They can also use the wingsuit to glide over long distances and escape danger. Additionally, players can use the game’s photo mode to pause the action and assess their surroundings before making a move.”

5. What are some tips for leveling up in “Far Cry 6”?

Leveling up in “Far Cry 6″ is important for unlocking new skills and abilities. One way to level up is to complete side missions and activities, such as hunting and fishing. These missions offer rewards and experience points that can help players progress through the game. Another way to level up is to focus on the skill tree. Choose skills that complement your playstyle and upgrade them as soon as possible. Finally, try to take on challenging missions and enemies, as these offer the most experience points.”

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