Far Cry 6: Meet the Legends – walkthrough

This section of the Far Cry 6 guide provides a walkthrough of the Meet the Legends mission. It explains how to complete the climb to the Patriotas Peak guerilla camp.

This page of the Far Cry 6 game guide presents a step-by-step guide to the Meet the Legends mission, which is one of the primary missions in the El Este region. The guide details where to look for Legends, what to do during the mountain climb, and how to reach the Patriotas Peak guerrilla camp.

  • Rewards for completing the mission
  • Unlocking the mission
  • Meeting El Tigre at the Legends of ’67 camp

Rewards for completing the mission

  1. Unlocking the guerrilla camp in Patriotas Peak – one of the larger, safer locations where the camera switches to a TPP view. In addition to initiating new main operations, you can take on small jobs as well as perform other activities (such as camp expansion or Los Bandidos operations). We described the basics of guerilla hideouts and the available activities on the Guerrilla camps and their expansion page.
  2. Charm ’67 Dog Tag – a cosmetic item that can be affixed to one of your weapons.
  3. Unlocking the Take Your Medicine mission.
  4. Unlocking the Yaran Stories Man’s Best Enemy mission.

Unlocking the mission

It is one of three new operations (primary missions) that become accessible after completing the prologue to Far Cry 6 – which is the Guerrilla main quest. During your meeting with Clara on Libertad Island, you will learn about the El Este area, specifically about potential allies (including El Tigre) and adversaries (Admiral Benitez and El Yanqui McKay) from that part of the world map.

Note – The default recommended rank for this mission is 3. Try to explore more of the first island and advance to a rank in which encountering tough opponents in the El Este region isn’t a problem. It’s also important to know that the region’s initial rank can increase during the course of the campaign.

Meeting El Tigre at the Legends of ’67 camp

You must reach the mission marker in Sierra Perdida in the El Este region. Shortly after entering this part of the island, you will receive a message on your smartphone with pictures of objects that can guide you to the Guerrillas Hideout. The first is a sculpture of a large crab.

You have to take the path next to the crab leading to the top of the mountain and then climb for a long time. Be careful not to fall into the abyss because it can kill your character (if you can’t deploy the parachute), or at least you will have to repeat the last few steps.

You will have to use the climbing kit frequently, and you can find the first interactive grapple near the waterfalls.

For some parts, simply climbing the rope may not be enough. Additionally, you might have to swing on a rope and, in that case, wait to jump when you are close enough to a new rock ledge.

A new mechanic that was not present in previous main missions but appeared in optional quests is climbing lianas. It is a simple process, and the only challenge you might face is identifying the spot to climb.

As you climb, you will also have to use the zipline option, but this is a typical mechanic.

Later on, you will encounter obstacles in the form of large rocks multiple times, as shown in the attached image. The solution to this issue is simple – use any firearm to break the knots in the nets by shooting the boulders. The boulders will roll down into the abyss, unlocking the passage for you.

As you reach higher parts of the mountain, pay more attention when jumping on the next ledges and boards over the precipice. You should make many of these jumps with a run-up for safer jumping over the precipice.

Afterward, there aren’t any new mechanics to surprise you – you will have to use the climbing kit and destroy the nets holding the boulders. Along the way, you will come across a second “work of art” from the photos you received before, confirming you are on the correct path.

Eventually, you will arrive at the Patriotas Peak Guerrilla Hideout, where the game will automatically change the view to TPP.

Head to the primary camp area and watch a cut-scene that features the first encounters with El Tigre and the other Legends.


What is Far Cry 6: Meet the Legends?

Far Cry 6: Meet the Legends is the latest installment in the Far Cry series. It is an open-world action-adventure game that takes place in the fictional country of Yara, which is ruled by a dictator named Anton Castillo. In the game, you play as either Dani Rojas, a local Yaran, or as Juan Cortez, a former guerrilla fighter who has returned to Yara to help overthrow Castillo. The game features a variety of weapons, vehicles, and gameplay mechanics that allow players to explore the island and engage in combat with enemies.

Who are the Legends in Far Cry 6?

The Legends in Far Cry 6 are a group of characters that players can recruit to their team. Each Legend has their own unique skills and abilities that can be used to help players complete missions and take down enemies. The Legends include characters like Jai, a sharpshooter who can take out enemies from long range, and ChicharrГіn, a former wrestler who can use his strength to take out multiple enemies at once. Players can recruit the Legends by completing missions and earning their trust.

What is the gameplay like in Far Cry 6?

The gameplay in Far Cry 6 is similar to previous games in the series. Players can explore the open world of Yara, take on missions from NPCs, and engage in combat with enemies. The game also features a variety of weapons and vehicles that players can use to navigate the island and take down enemies. One new feature in Far Cry 6 is the ability to recruit the Legends to your team. Each Legend has their own unique skills and abilities that can be used to help players complete missions and take down enemies.

When is Far Cry 6: Meet the Legends being released?

Far Cry 6: Meet the Legends is set to be released on October 7, 2021. The game will be available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC. Players who pre-order the game will receive the Libertad Pack, which includes a new outfit for Dani Rojas, a weapon called “Libertad Chorizo,” and a new vehicle called “Discos Locos.”

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