Far Cry 6: Parting Gifts – Treasure Hunts (El Este)

This page contains a detailed guide on the Treasure Hunt called Parting Gifts that is available in the El Este area of Far Cry 6.

Here, we will provide you with a comprehensive description of the Parting Gifts Treasure Hunt that can be found in the El Este region of Far Cry 6.

Subregion: Conuco.

District: Sombreado Gorge.

The mission commences after you read the note beside the entrance of the garage.

Start by disconnecting the two hoses attached to the pumps. Failing to do so will prevent you from moving the object, which is the main objective of this mission.

Your goal is to move the object located on the trailer to an area with a short circuit. This will activate the other pumps in the area. You can either push the trailer by hand or attach it to a car.

Once the power is on, go to the water pump and turn on the valve to extinguish the surrounding fire.

Once the fire in the building is extinguished, go inside and locate a small crevice. Shoot the padlock with your gun to unlock the path forward.

Exit the building and enter the room you unlocked from the side.

Inside, you will find a card that grants access to the room with the treasure chest. Opening the chest will mark the end of the mission.


1. What are Treasure Hunts in Far Cry 6: Parting Gifts?

Treasure Hunts are a type of side mission in Far Cry 6: Parting Gifts where players have to find and collect hidden treasures in the game world. These treasures are usually located in hard-to-reach places, requiring players to solve puzzles, climb obstacles, and use various tools and weapons to access them. Completing Treasure Hunts rewards players with valuable loot, including weapons, gear, and resources, that can help them progress through the game and face tougher challenges. Treasure Hunts are scattered across different regions of the game world, and players can track them using the map and compass.

2. How many Treasure Hunts are there in El Este region of Far Cry 6: Parting Gifts?

There are a total of six Treasure Hunts in the El Este region of Far Cry 6: Parting Gifts. Each Treasure Hunt has its own unique location, theme, and challenges, and rewards players with different loot and upgrades. Some Treasure Hunts require players to solve puzzles and riddles, while others involve combat and stealth. To find all the Treasure Hunts in El Este, players need to explore the region thoroughly, talk to NPCs, and gather clues and hints from the environment. Completing all Treasure Hunts in El Este can take several hours, but the rewards are worth the effort.

3. What tips and strategies can help players complete Treasure Hunts in Far Cry 6: Parting Gifts?

Here are some tips and strategies that can help players complete Treasure Hunts in Far Cry 6: Parting Gifts:

  • Explore the game world thoroughly and look for clues and hints that can lead to hidden treasures.
  • Use the map and compass to track the location of Treasure Hunts and mark them for easy navigation.
  • Upgrade your tools and weapons to make them more effective in solving puzzles and defeating enemies.
  • Use stealth and cover to avoid detection and ambush enemies.
  • Bring a companion or hire a local mercenary to assist you in combat and carry loot.
  • Be patient and persistent, as some Treasure Hunts can be very challenging and require multiple attempts to complete.

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