Far Cry 6: Radio Libertad – Walkthrough

This page of the Far Cry 6 guide provides a comprehensive walkthrough of the Radio Libertad operation. Here, you will learn how to restore the radio network and sabotage the propaganda transmitter.

The walkthrough covers the main mission in Valle De Oro, Operation Radio Libertad. It details how to restore the radio network using three different red antennas, disable the propaganda transmitter, and sabotage the surge protector.

  • Rewards for completing the mission
  • Restore the radio network
  • Disable the propaganda transmitter
  • Shut down the surge protector

Rewards for Completing the Mission

  1. Cassette Charm.
  2. Unlocking Operation Guerrilla Radio.

Restore the Radio Network

This operation becomes available in your journal after completing the main quest Hype Bomb. Head to a farm in the Noventarmas subregion of Valle De Oro to meet Bicho.

Bicho will provide you with directions to three red antennas. Each antenna can be activated by reaching the red switch.

The first red antenna is located in a small area occupied by enemies. You do not need to eliminate all the enemies. Focus on finding the red lever in the room with the map hanging on the wall.

The second red antenna is in the building from the previous image. The lower levels of the building are guarded by enemies, but you can jump off the adjacent hill and glide using the wingsuit towards the building to land on its roof. This will help you complete the objective faster.

Unlock the shutter from picture 1 by destroying the padlock through the window. This will allow you to use the repair kit to fix the fuse box from picture 2. You can then pull the red lever located in the open area.

The third red antenna is at the top of the mountain, requiring you to climb. Stand in the right place to use the climbing tools.

Climb the higher ledges and vines carefully. The lever is at the very top of the tower. Be mindful of eagles, and shoot them with a good rifle before they push you off one of the balconies.

Disable the Propaganda Transmitter

Travel to the Taino Peak Relay Station, a larger location with enemies. You can sneak into it by climbing up the mountainside instead of using the main road. Sneaking and quietly eliminating enemies is recommended to avoid triggering the alarm and summoning reinforcements, including an enemy helicopter.

Ultimately, you must reach the balcony at the foot of the great dome, where you will find an interactive switch.

Turn Off the Power Strip

The next task takes place in the same area as the previous one. Ascend a tall ladder to the peak of the tower-like structure.

Locate another lever at the summit. Your subversion will create intense surges and blasts beneath you. The objective will be accomplished shortly.


What is Radio Libertad in Far Cry 6?

Radio Libertad is a radio station in the game Far Cry 6 that serves as a hub for the revolution against the oppressive regime of Anton Castillo. Players can tune into the station to listen to the latest news, updates, and propaganda from the revolutionaries and their leader Clara Garcia. The station also plays a crucial role in the game’s story, as players will have to complete various missions and objectives for the station to earn their support and progress through the game’s narrative.

How do I complete the Radio Libertad missions in Far Cry 6?

To complete the Radio Libertad missions in Far Cry 6, players will need to tune into the station and listen to the various objectives that Clara Garcia and her team assign. These objectives range from rescuing hostages to sabotaging government facilities and taking out key targets. Players will need to use their skills and weapons to complete these missions and earn the support of the revolutionaries. As players progress through the game, they will unlock new abilities and upgrades that will help them take on even more challenging missions and enemies.

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