Far Cry 6: The Lion’s Roar – Step-by-Step Guide

This page of the Far Cry 6 guide provides a step-by-step guide for Operation The Lion’s Roar. This guide will teach you how to defend yourself in Grand Hotel Caballero and how to escape from there.

This page of the Far Cry 6 guide provides a walkthrough of The Lion’s Roar operation, which is one of the main missions in El Este. This guide explains how to effectively defend yourself during fights at the hotel and how to escape from there after spreading poison.

  • Rewards for quest completion
  • Meet up with Yelena
  • Defend the hotel
  • Escape with Yelena

Rewards for quest completion

  1. Leader: Alfredo Maximo – you can send him to the Los Bandidos operations.
  2. Unlocking the Tourist Trap operation.
  3. Unlocking the Loose Ends Yaran story.

Meet up with Yelena

You can undertake this operation after completing the Our Right to Party quest. You must meet Yelena in Grand Hotel Caballero, which has become the new guerrilla hideout (you visited it earlier while completing the quest with the Dentist).

Once you arrive, a cutscene will be triggered. However, the meeting will be disrupted by the unexpected attack of Castillo’s troops.

Defend the hotel

This mission allows for a lot of freedom in selecting the location from which you will defend yourself against enemy soldiers appearing in the area. You can stay on the rooftops or in one of the upper rooms. You can also jump down (choose a safe spot for that) and engage in more direct clashes. You will also find stationary cannons in the area, which can be an alternative to the weapons from your inventory.

Listen to your allies’ comments, who will inform you where new enemies will appear. Initially, expect them mainly along the paved road leading to the hotel. Later on, enemies will keep appearing near the waterfall next to the hotel.

During combat, look for opportunities to hit barrels to blow them up. In order to deal with off-road vehicles, it is best to rely on grenades or the Exterminador Supremo to blow them up relatively easily. Alternatively, you can look for opportunities to target the on-board shooters.

Further into the battle, be prepared for an enemy tank to appear. It should reach the hotel from the side of the winding asphalt road. A good idea is to take control of the tank – approach it stealthily and use an EMP grenade or a Volta Supremo to sabotage the tank and get rid of its operator safely.

Acquiring the tank can make further battles easier and protect you from massive gunfire, although once you get near the hotel, you will have to spend some time passing indestructible obstacles to get closer to enemies.

At some point, enemy helicopters will join the attack. You can try to destroy them by aiming a cannon at them, reusing the Volta Supremo (the helicopters will fall to the ground then), or by finding stationary cannons installed on the upper levels of the hotel, which should enable you to drain their energy bars quite smoothly.

The usual way of winning the battle by defeating all enemies is not an option. Yelena will call for a retreat to Ops, which is the main building of the hotel. Keep defending yourself inside the hotel until a new cutscene appears.

To escape, stop fighting and concentrate on leaving the hotel as poisonous red fumes begin to spread. Follow Yelena and reach the spot where you can slide down the rope. Once you are far enough away, a cutscene will start and the operation will be over.


What is Far Cry 6: The Lion’s Roar?

Far Cry 6: The Lion’s Roar is the latest installment in the popular first-person shooter video game series, Far Cry. The game is set in the fictional island of Yara, which is ruled by a dictator named Anton Castillo. The player takes on the role of a guerrilla fighter named Dani Rojas, who must lead a revolution to overthrow Castillo’s regime and restore freedom to Yara.

What platforms is Far Cry 6: The Lion’s Roar available on?

Far Cry 6: The Lion’s Roar is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Google Stadia, and PC. The game can be purchased from online stores such as Steam or the Epic Games Store, or from physical retailers such as GameStop or Best Buy.

What is the gameplay like in Far Cry 6: The Lion’s Roar?

The gameplay in Far Cry 6: The Lion’s Roar is similar to previous games in the series, with the player engaging in first-person combat against enemies using a variety of weapons and tactics. The game also features open-world exploration, with the player free to roam around Yara and take on various side missions and activities. Additionally, the game introduces new features such as a customizable arsenal and the ability to recruit and command other guerrilla fighters.

How long does it take to complete Far Cry 6: The Lion’s Roar?

The length of time it takes to complete Far Cry 6: The Lion’s Roar will vary depending on the player’s playstyle and how much of the game’s content they choose to engage with. On average, it takes around 25-30 hours to complete the main storyline, with an additional 10-15 hours for side missions and activities. However, completionists who want to fully explore everything the game has to offer may take upwards of 50 hours or more to finish.

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