Far Cry 6: The Long Drop – Treasure Hunts (El Este)

Far Cry 6: This page provides a detailed guide on how to complete The Long Drop Treasure Hunt in the El Este region.

In this section of the Far Cry 6 guide, you will get a step-by-step walkthrough of The Long Drop Treasure Hunt available in the El Este region.

Subregion: La Joya.

District: Catalina Ridge.

Once you begin the mission, head straight to the other side of the destroyed bridge and jump over the hole using a climbing rope.

Make your way to the building where you can control the surrounding devices. Your task is to stop the water flow to access the corpse lying by the dam.

Press the button on the yellow object to start.

Interact with the orange button on the metal crates next.

Continue forward until you reach a valve on a blue pipe, which is almost the final piece.

Enter the smaller room and use the button on the blue object to shut off the water flow and safely retrieve the key from the corpse.

You can slide down the rope or jump off to reach the locked room and collect the key.

Finally, head back to the small building where you started the mission and open the weapon crate to complete the task.


1. What are Treasure Hunts in Far Cry 6: The Long Drop?

Treasure Hunts are a set of side missions in Far Cry 6: The Long Drop, where players are tasked to find hidden treasures scattered throughout the game’s open-world environment. The treasures are usually locked behind puzzles, riddles, and challenges that players need to solve to reveal their location. Completing these Treasure Hunts will reward players with valuable loots, including weapons, outfits, and resources, that can help them progress through the game.

2. Where can I find Treasure Hunts in El Este?

El Este is one of the three regions in Far Cry 6: The Long Drop, and it has several Treasure Hunts scattered throughout its vast landscape. Players can find them by exploring the region, talking to NPCs, or stumbling upon them by chance. Some Treasure Hunts are also unlocked by completing other side missions or story missions in El Este. Players can track their progress on the Treasure Hunt tab in their menu.

3. What are some tips for completing Treasure Hunts in Far Cry 6: The Long Drop?

Completing Treasure Hunts can be challenging, but it can also be rewarding. Here are some tips to help players complete these side missions:

  • Read the clues carefully. Treasure Hunts often provide clues to the treasure’s location, so players should pay attention to the details.
  • Explore the area thoroughly. The treasures are usually hidden in plain sight, but players need to search every nook and cranny to find them.
  • Bring the right tools. Some Treasure Hunts require players to have specific gadgets, weapons, or vehicles to complete them. Make sure to equip the right gear before starting the mission.
  • Be prepared for a fight. Some Treasure Hunts have enemies guarding the treasure, so players should be ready to fight them off.

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