Far Cry 6: Traders

This page of the Far Cry 6 guide provides details on Juan’s arms dealers and other merchants, including how to purchase new equipment.

The guide covers Juan’s Weapons, Juan’s Arms Dealers, and other traders in guerrilla hideouts, explaining which currencies can be used to buy goods and how to add higher quality items to the merchants’ stock.

  • Juan’s Weapons
  • Juan’s Arms Dealers
  • Traders in guerrilla hideouts

Juan’s Weapons

Juan’s Weapons is a unique store where you can purchase Supremos, which are backpacks that grant you special attacks like rocket fire or EMP pulse, and Resolver Weapons, which are high-quality unique weapons such as the flamethrower or crossbow.

You can access Juan’s store after completing the campaign introduction and arriving at Libertad Island. Once there, you’ll initiate the Yaran story quest called Supremacy, which will stay in your logbook until you purchase all the stocked items.

Be aware that not all items are immediately available in Juan’s stock, and more will appear later in the campaign.

Juan’s store is unique in that you must pay with depleted uranium for the items he sells. You can find this rare resource in large chests in select enemy bases, which are marked with a special yellow icon on the radar.

Juan’s Arms Dealers

Juan’s Arms Dealers are the most common type of trader in the game world, offering new weapons and clothing items.

Note that the traders’ stock initially includes low-quality items. To buy better equipment, you must level up your character to a higher rank. Each time you gain a new experience level, the traders’ stock will expand. Check out the Ranks and XP – how to level up? page for more information on leveling up.

Traders in guerrilla hideouts

The final category of traders are unique merchants found in the main guerrilla hideouts. To access these traders, you must order a Guerrilla Garrison to buy new weapons or a Bandidos Barracks to buy new clothing items.

Upgrading these buildings will allow you to purchase better items, but like with arms dealers, the stock will initially be low-ranking. To access higher quality items, you must pay to upgrade both buildings to level 3.


1. What are Traders in Far Cry 6?

Traders are non-playable characters in Far Cry 6 who sell various supplies and items to the player. They are scattered throughout the game world and can be found in different locations. Each trader has a unique inventory of goods, including weapons, ammunition, vehicles, and consumables. Players can use cash or other resources to purchase items from traders, which can help them to progress through the game more easily.

2. How do I find Traders in Far Cry 6?

Traders can be found in various locations throughout the game world, including towns, cities, and other settlements. Players can also use maps and other tools to locate specific traders. Once a trader is found, they can be interacted with to view their inventory and make purchases.

3. Can I sell items to Traders in Far Cry 6?

Yes, players can sell items to traders in Far Cry 6. This can be useful for getting rid of excess or unwanted items, and for earning additional cash or resources. However, traders may not accept all types of items, and the price they offer for items can vary depending on the item’s rarity and condition.

4. Are there any benefits to befriending Traders in Far Cry 6?

Befriending traders in Far Cry 6 can provide various benefits, such as discounts on purchases, access to exclusive items, and other perks. Players can increase their friendship level with a trader by completing tasks and missions for them, or by simply purchasing items from them over time.

5. Can Traders be killed or attacked in Far Cry 6?

Traders in Far Cry 6 are non-playable characters and cannot be controlled by the player. However, they can be attacked or killed by enemies or other hostile forces in the game world. If a trader is killed, their inventory and services will no longer be available to the player.

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