Far Cry 6: Treasure Hunt – The Mongoose and the Man (Madrugada)

Far Cry 6: This guide provides a detailed walkthrough for the Treasure Hunt – The Mongoose and the Man, which can be found in Madrugada.

This page of the Far Cry 6 guide provides a complete walkthrough for The Mongoose and the Man Treasure Hunt in Madrugada.

Subregion: Costa del Mar.

District: Lucero Lighthouse.

To initiate the treasure hunt, read the note attached to the wooden pole.

The entrance to the area is closed, but it’s not a problem – just shoot through the padlock.

Begin the task by obtaining the key and opening the locker. A small “La Comadreja” animal will escape. Don’t shoot it, or else you’ll trigger a fire and scare the locals away.

After killing the animal, take the key and use it to explore the apartment.

Thoroughly search the apartment and open the large chest to complete the quest.


What are Treasure Hunts in Far Cry 6?

Treasure Hunts are a set of side missions in Far Cry 6 where players have to solve clues to find hidden treasures. The Madrugada region in the game has a set of Treasure Hunts called “The Mongoose and the Man,” which requires players to find six hidden treasures. These treasures include rare loot, cash, and crafting materials.

Where can I find the Treasure Hunt clues?

The Treasure Hunt clues can be found scattered throughout the Madrugada region. Players can find them in various locations like abandoned buildings, caves, and even on the walls of some structures. Once players find a clue, they need to solve it to find the location of the next clue or treasure.

Are there any rewards for completing the Treasure Hunts?

Yes, players will receive rewards for completing each Treasure Hunt in Far Cry 6. The rewards include rare loot, cash, and crafting materials. Additionally, completing all six Treasure Hunts in the “The Mongoose and the Man” set will unlock a special outfit for the player character.

Are the Treasure Hunts difficult to complete?

The difficulty level of the Treasure Hunts in Far Cry 6 varies. Some of the clues are easy to solve, while others may require players to explore the region and look for hidden places. However, the game provides hints to help players solve the clues. If a player is stuck on a clue, they can use the hint option to get a clue on what to do next.

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