Far Cry 6: Triada Blessing – Walkthrough

This page provides a step-by-step guide for completing the Triada Blessing side quest in Far Cry 6. This quest rewards you with a new Amigo.

This page of the Far Cry 6 guide includes a walkthrough for the Yaran Story, Triada Blessing, a side quest located on Libertad Island. The guide explains how to obtain the triada relics, where to place them, and how to defeat the spirit of Oluwas.

  • Rewards for completing the quest
  • Unlocking the mission
  • Mimo Abosi’s Triada Relic (El Este Region)
  • Delivering the relics
  • Chest
  • Combat

Rewards for Completing the Quest

This mission is crucial if you want to obtain a new, unique Amigo and new weapons. Upon completing the mission, you will receive:

  1. 300 XP
  2. Oluso (Amigo)
  3. Triador (Supremo)
  4. La Varita (weapon)

Unlocking the Mission

To unlock this quest, you must read the document found in Oluwa cave.

ГЌda’s Triada Relic (Madrugada Region)

You can obtain this relic by completing the treasure hunt – Ida’s Triada Relic.

OkГє’s Triada Relic (Valle de Oro)

You can obtain this relic by completing the treasure hunt – Oku’s Triada Relic.

Mimo Abosi’s Triada Relic (El Este Region)

You can obtain this relic by completing the treasure hunt – Mimo Abosi’s Triada Relic.

Delivering the Relics

Once you have all three relics, place them in the designated spot in Oluwa cave.


After delivering the relics, another section of the cave will unlock. You can explore it and open the chest for your first reward.


Upon opening the chest, a jaguar will appear. Shoot it until it falls. Sometimes it will appear alone, while other times it may have copies. The jaguar’s eyes will be glowing brightly, making it easy to spot.

After defeating the jaguar, revive Oluso to complete the mission and add him to your team as an Amigo.


1. What is the Triada Blessing in Far Cry 6?

The Triada Blessing is a mystical ceremony that takes place in Far Cry 6. This ceremony is performed by the leaders of the Yaran Triad, a powerful criminal organization in the game. The Triada Blessing is said to bring good luck and protection to those who receive it. However, it is also feared by many as it involves human sacrifice. The ceremony takes place in a secret location and is guarded heavily by the Yaran Triad.

2. How do I complete the Triada Blessing mission in Far Cry 6?

To complete the Triada Blessing mission in Far Cry 6, you will need to infiltrate the Yaran Triad’s secret location and stop the ceremony from taking place. This mission is part of the main storyline and will require you to use your stealth skills to avoid detection by the heavily armed guards. You will also need to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles to reach the ceremony’s location. Once you reach the ceremony, you will need to defeat the Yaran Triad leaders and put an end to the Triada Blessing.

3. What rewards can I expect from completing the Triada Blessing mission in Far Cry 6?

Completing the Triada Blessing mission in Far Cry 6 will reward you with valuable items and resources. You will also receive experience points that will help you level up your character and unlock new skills. Additionally, completing this mission will also earn you reputation points, which are essential for unlocking new areas and missions in the game. Overall, the Triada Blessing mission is a challenging and rewarding experience that is worth completing for any Far Cry 6 player.

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