Far Cry 6: USB Songs – Locations and List

Here, we have compiled a comprehensive list of all the USB Songs in Far Cry 6 along with their locations.

In this guide, we’ve made it easier to find all the USB Songs in the game by listing their locations, including the regions they can be found in.

  • Hitboy
  • Pulpa de Tamarindo
  • What a Bam Bam
  • Abuso De Poder
  • Sentimiento Original
  • Pxssy Powah!
  • Educate Ya
  • Ay Lola “La Figura”
  • Dinero
  • Macarena (Bayside Boys Remix)
  • La Vida Me Cambio
  • Los Caminos De La Vida
  • Yo Aprendi
  • La Bella Ciao De Libertad
  • Here We Kum


Region: Isla Santuario

Subregion: Quito

District: Acunna Farmland

The Hitboy USB Stick can be found in the main building of the Acunna Farmland. It is located on the left side of the green, dilapidated desk.

Pulpa de Tamarindo

Region: Madrugada

Subregion: Costa del Mar

District: Corina Peninsula

You can find the Pulpa de Tamarindo USB Stick on a small wooden table in the restaurant.

What a Bam Bam

Region: Madrugada

Subregion: Lozania

District: Verdera

This USB Stick is located on a small wooden table in front of a laptop. It can be found in front of a large orange house.

Abuso De Poder

Region: Madrugada

Subregion: Aguas Lindas

District: Oasis Plains

You will find this flash drive on the top of a building on a metal object. To reach it, you need to climb a ladder.

Sentimiento Original

Region: Madrugada

Subregion: Aguas Lindas

District: Jordina Cay

The USB Stick for Sentimiento Original can be found in a large trash can next to the red wooden building.

Pxssy Powah!

Region: Esperanza

Subregion: —

District: West Lado

The USB Stick is located on a wooden table behind a laptop covered with stickers.

Educate Ya

Region: Valle De Oro

Subregion: Balaceras

District: Diamante Lakes

You can find this USB Stick on a grey countertop next to the building’s entrance. The area is located next to the main road, and you just need to take a turn and park.

Ay Lola “La Figura”

Region: Valle De Oro

The USB Stick can be found in different locations depending on the treasure hunt.

In the Cruz Del Salvador subregion of the Arroz Flatlands district, you can find it in a cave during the And the Beat Goes On… treasure hunt.

In the Valle De Oro region, Barrial subregion, Muerte Point district, it is on the roof of a building next to a laptop and can be reached by climbing the plants along the walls.

In the same region and subregion, Halcon Reservoir district, the USB is on top of a trashcan next to an old computer and cardboard boxes.

In the El Este region, Sierra Perdida subregion, Robusta Hills district, it is on a wooden desk next to a laptop and documents.

In the Conuco subregion of the same region, Fernando Valley district, it is on a metal table on the terrace of a wooden house.

In the Sombreado Gorge district of the same subregion, you need to enter the house by the water and climb the ladder to find it on a small table.

In the La Joya subregion of the El Este region, Catalina Ridge district, it is located in a bunker next to the house, in the last room of the hallway, next to a supply crate.

In the Esperanza region, Old Pueblo district, you have to go back to the balcony where you chose your character’s gender at the beginning of the game, which can be accessed using the stairs.


What are USB Songs in Far Cry 6?

USB Songs are a collectible item in Far Cry 6. They are scattered throughout the game’s open world and can be found in various locations, such as hidden areas, buildings, and on enemies. Once you collect a USB Song, you can listen to it in the game’s menu or on the radio in vehicles.

Where can I find USB Songs in Far Cry 6?

USB Songs can be found all over the map in Far Cry 6. Some of the locations where you can find them include enemy bases, hidden caves, and abandoned buildings. You can also find them by completing certain tasks or missions in the game. Keep an eye out for the telltale green light of a USB stick, as this is a sign that a song is nearby.

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