Farming Simulator 22: Controls and Keybindings

This guide for Farming Simulator 22 explains the controls and keybindings for both keyboard and gamepad.

Here you will find default controls/keybindings for keyboard and mouse, as well as Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 controllers.

The game displays controls for the vehicle you are currently using by default, but not all commands are shown. If you don’t see this window, go to General Settings in the menu and enable the Help Window option.

It is possible to use a controller on PC.

  • PC Controls
  • Xbox One / Series X / S Controls
  • PS4 / PS5 Controls

PC Controls

Character Controls

Character/Vehicle Controls



Toggle Mini-Map View

Interaction (e.g. with buildings)

Pick up Objects

Menu/Management Panels

Shop/Construction Mode

Construction Mode

Rotate Object (Construction Mode)

Speed up/Slow down Time


Zoom In/Out Camera

Press and Speak (Multiplayer)

Save Screen

Radio On/Off (By Default Only Available in Vehicles)

Change Radio Station

Vehicle Controls

Change Camera

Enter/Exit Vehicle

Switch Between Vehicle Light Modes

Hire an Employee

Attach/Detach Equipment

Switch the Active Device

Switch Between Vehicles – Next Vehicle

Switch to previous vehicle

Control the movement of the active device, such as jib or jack

Secondary controls for the active device, such as forks or pipe’s tip

Fold or unfold the active equipment, with the Control allowing control of all connected devices

Raise or lower the active equipment, with the Control allowing control of all connected devices

Activate or deactivate equipment, with the Control allowing control of all connected devices

Extend the pipe in the harvester or auger wagon

Select the type of seed or sapling for seeder or planter

Unload the goods in designated areas, such as pastures or silos

Unload the active equipment, such as trailer, seeder, or harvester

Choose the direction for unloading the trailer

Fasten transport belts or resize bales

Activate straw mowing for the harvester

Activate cruise control

Increase or decrease cruise control speed

Start or stop the vehicle, which by default turns on automatically upon acceleration

Switch control mode for selected vehicles, such as front wheels, all wheels, or crab mode

Switch direction of travel for selected vehicles

Shift gears up or down using the numeric keypad, available only for manual transmissions

Xbox One / Series X / S Controls

Character Controls

Character or vehicle controls

Control camera movement



Toggle the mini-map view

Pick up objects

Interact with buildings

Access menu or management panels

Enter shop or construction mode

The table shows various controls for the game, including construction mode, vehicle controls, and equipment controls. Each control is accompanied by an image to help the player understand what each button does. Some of the controls include changing the camera view, accelerating, braking, and switching between vehicles or pieces of equipment. Other controls include activating/deactivating equipment, selecting seed/sapling types, and unloading goods. By using these controls effectively, players can navigate the game and complete various tasks.

Select the direction for unloading the trailer

Secure transport belts/resize bales

Activate straw cutting (combine harvester)

Tag for ridging

Activate cruise control

Adjust cruise control (increase/decrease with knob up/down)

Start/stop vehicle (by default, each vehicle turns on automatically when you accelerate)

Switch control mode (e.g. front wheels/all wheels/crab mode – for selected vehicles)

Switch travel direction (for selected vehicles)

Shift gears up/down – only in manual transmissions

Shift gears up/down – only in manual transmissions

PS4 / PS5 Controls

Character Controls

Character/vehicle controls

Move camera



Toggle mini-map view

Pick up objects

Interact (e.g. with buildings)

Access menu/management panels

Enter shop/construction mode

Enter construction mode

Rotate object (construction mode)

Activate flashlight

Zoom in/out camera

Turn radio on/off (by default only available in vehicles)

Change radio station

Vehicle Controls

The following table displays a list of commands that can be used in the game with their respective icons. These commands include changing the camera, accelerating, braking/reversing, entering/exiting the vehicle, switching between vehicle light modes, hiring an employee, attaching/detaching equipment, switching the active device, switching between vehicles, controlling the movement of the active device, raising/lowering the active equipment, activating/deactivating equipment, pipe extension in harvester/auger wagon, selecting the type of seed/sapling, unloading goods, unloading the active equipment, choosing the direction of unloading the trailer, fastening transport belts/resizing bales, activating straw mowing, ridge tag, cruise control, increasing/decreasing cruise control, starting/stopping the vehicle, and switching control mode. Each command is accompanied by a corresponding image to make them easier to identify.

The table shows different actions that can be performed in the game. The first row demonstrates changing the direction of travel for selected vehicles, while the second and third rows show gear up/down options, which are only available in manual transmissions. Images are used to illustrate each action.


What are keybinds in Farming Simulator 22?

Keybinds are keyboard shortcuts that allow you to perform certain actions in Farming Simulator 22 without having to navigate through menus. For example, you can set a keybind to quickly switch between tools or to activate a specific function of a tool. Keybinds can save you a lot of time and make your gameplay more efficient.

How do I customize keybinds in Farming Simulator 22?

To customize keybinds in Farming Simulator 22, go to the options menu and select “Controls”. From there, you can see a list of all the available keybinds and modify them to your liking. You can also create new keybinds for actions that don’t have default shortcuts. Just click on the action you want to bind and then press the key you want to assign to it. Once you’re done, make sure to save your changes.

What are some essential keybinds for Farming Simulator 22?

Some essential keybinds for Farming Simulator 22 include:

  • Tab: Opens the menu to switch between vehicles and tools.
  • Enter: Enters/Exits vehicles and tools.
  • Q: Activates the current tool’s function (e.g. turn on/off a cultivator).
  • B: Opens the menu to buy new vehicles and tools.
  • F1-F4: Switches between camera views.
  • 1-9: Selects the corresponding tool or vehicle slot in the quick access bar.

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