Farming Simulator 22: Drying and Raking Hay

In this guide for Farming Simulator 22, we will explain how to harvest hay from grass.

The next page will detail the process of creating hay in Farming Simulator 22, as well as how to use it effectively.

  • Uses
  • Acquiring Hay
  • Storage


Hay is mainly used as animal feed. Although it’s not part of the most effective mixed ration, you can feed it to cows, horses, and sheep (interchangeable with grass, equal productivity).

Acquiring Hay

Simply use a tedder on the mown grass to turn it into hay. However, the grass will scatter in all directions, so it’s best to use a windrower. You can collect the hay later using a forage wagon or a baler, but not a forage harvester.

You can also purchase bales of hay from the store, though they are quite expensive. This is a good option if you want to start breeding animals quickly.


In Farming Simulator 22, hay doesn’t spoil, but you can store it in a hay loft building found in the Silos tab of the build mode.

You can also store hay in trailers, on the ground, or as bales.


What is hay drying and raking in Farming Simulator 22?

Hay drying and raking are important processes in Farming Simulator 22 where players must dry and prepare grass to create hay, which can be used to feed livestock or sold for profit. To start the process, players must first mow the grass using a mower. The grass then needs to be dried using a tedder or windrower depending on the weather conditions. Once the grass is dry, players can use a rake to gather the hay into rows, allowing for easy baling and storage. The process can be time-consuming but is necessary for efficient farming.

What equipment is needed for hay drying and raking?

To dry and rake hay in Farming Simulator 22, players need a mower, a tedder or windrower, and a rake. The mower cuts the grass, the tedder or windrower dries it, and the rake gathers it into rows for baling and storage. There are various models of each piece of equipment available in the game, with different sizes and capabilities. Players must choose the right equipment for their farm size and budget to ensure efficient and effective hay production.

What are the benefits of hay drying and raking in Farming Simulator 22?

The benefits of hay drying and raking in Farming Simulator 22 are two-fold: providing feed for livestock and generating income. Hay is an essential food source for cows and sheep, which produce milk and wool respectively. By producing hay, players can ensure their livestock are well-fed and healthy, leading to higher milk and wool yields. Additionally, hay can be sold for profit at the market, providing players with a steady stream of income. Properly drying and raking hay is a time-consuming process, but the rewards for efficient hay production are well worth it.

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