To unlock this quest, you need to meet with settlers in a location protected by the Minutemen or with dwellers from a neutral homestead. This is one of the randomly unlocked quests in the game.

The quest can be received from a settler or a dweller of a homestead. It is one of the random quests associated with the Minutemen. You can unlock it by meeting with Preston Garvey, talking to a settler from a Minutemen-protected settlement, or by visiting a neutral homestead like the Warwick Homestead or the Abernathy Farm and listening to the pleas of its dwellers. The objective of the quest is to get rid of super mutants that have been harassing the dwellers of the location you are directed to. You need to eliminate the marked monsters in the game world and return to the quest-giver to report. You may also be asked to report to Preston upon completion of the quest.

Upon completion of the quest, you will receive experience points and caps as rewards.


What are Greenskins?

Greenskins are a fictional race in various fantasy settings, particularly in the Warhammer universe. They are characterized as savage and warlike, with green skin and prominent tusks. Orcs and goblins are the two main sub-races of Greenskins. Orcs are larger and stronger, while goblins are smaller and more cunning. Greenskins are often depicted as enemies of humans, dwarves, and elves, and are known for their love of violence and destruction. They are also fond of crude humor and have a tendency to bicker amongst themselves.

What is the origin of Greenskins?

The concept of Greenskins can be traced back to J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, which features orc characters. However, the modern portrayal of Greenskins as a distinct race with their own culture and society was developed by Games Workshop for their Warhammer universe. The Greenskins were one of the original factions introduced in the first edition of Warhammer Fantasy Battle in 1983, and have since become a staple of the franchise. They have also appeared in various video games, including the Warcraft series and Total War: Warhammer.

What are some notable Greenskin characters?

There are many notable Greenskin characters in various works of fiction. In the Warhammer universe, Grimgor Ironhide is a legendary orc warboss who has never been defeated in battle. Skarsnik is a cunning goblin warlord who rules over a subterranean empire. In the Warcraft series, Thrall is an orc who becomes the leader of the Horde and helps to establish a new homeland for his people. Grommash Hellscream is another prominent orc warrior who plays a major role in the story. Other notable Greenskin characters include Azog the Defiler from The Hobbit, and the goblin king from the same book/movie.

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