Guide to Crypts in Shadow of the Tomb Raider

The Shadow of the Tomb Raider game features a number of crypts that can be found in major locations. There are a total of 10 crypts in the game, some of which are accessible from the beginning, while others require the player to advance the story to a certain point or have additional equipment for Lara. When exploring the crypts, players must avoid traps and solve environmental puzzles. The goal is to locate a sarcophagus and uncover valuable items such as new outfits for Lara. Our guide provides a detailed walkthrough for each crypt.

List of Crypts in Shadow of the Tomb Raider

The 10 crypts are divided according to the main map locations. We have also included video guides for each crypt.

  1. Peruvian Jungle – 2 crypts
  2. Kuwaq Yaku – 2 crypts, one of which requires a shotgun
  3. The Hidden City – 5 crypts, two of which require the Hearts and Minds side quest and two require access to the upper city
  4. San Juan – 1 crypt

Completing a crypt involves locating the entrance (which may require additional equipment), navigating through chambers without getting killed by traps, solving environmental puzzles, and finding the sarcophagus. After opening the sarcophagus, players will gain new valuable items and the crypt is considered complete (although players still need to exit, which is usually offered via a shortcut). While exploring the crypts, players can also discover rare resources like gold ore and various secrets such as documents, murals, and relics.


What is a crypt in Shadow of the Tomb Raider game?

A crypt is a type of optional location found in Shadow of the Tomb Raider game. It is typically a hidden underground area that contains treasures, relics, and other valuable items. Crypts are often guarded by traps, puzzles, and enemies that players must overcome to reach the loot. Some crypts also contain murals and documents that provide additional insight into the game’s story and lore.

How do I find crypts in Shadow of the Tomb Raider game?

Crypts can be found throughout the game’s open-world environments. They are often marked on the map with a small skull icon. However, some crypts may be hidden and require players to explore and search for clues to locate them. Players can also ask NPC characters for information on crypt locations or use their survival instincts to reveal hidden paths and clues.

What rewards can I get from completing crypts in Shadow of the Tomb Raider game?

Completing crypts in Shadow of the Tomb Raider game can reward players with valuable loot, including weapons, outfits, and resources. Crypts may also contain relics, documents, and murals that provide additional backstory and insight into the game’s world and characters. Some crypts may also contain hidden challenges that, when completed, unlock additional rewards. Overall, completing crypts is a great way to earn valuable items and deepen your understanding of the game’s lore.

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