How do Monoliths function in Shadow of the Tomb Raider Game?

Monoliths are utilized in Shadow of the Tomb Raider to uncover unique treasures that are buried underground and cannot be discovered without hints from the monolith. Each treasure provides supply experience points, and the monoliths contribute to completing the game 100%.

Monoliths can be found in various locations on the map and are identifiable by a special icon. They resemble stone tablets and are marked on the map. The above image displays the monolith icon.

Reading a monolith requires knowledge of the appropriate dialect at a given level. The level of dialect knowledge depends on the level of the monolith. At the beginning of the game, you require about 50% dialect knowledge to read a specific monolith.

The game has 3 different dialects, each with 3 levels. You can learn them by studying chapels and acquiring treasures.

Once you read the monolith, you will receive a hint, and the map will display the area where the treasure is located. The treasures are usually located near the monolith. Sometimes, it is enough to climb or examine an object (such as a statue) to locate the treasure.

Some monoliths are challenging to read not due to the dialect level but because they are specially protected. To access these monoliths, you may need to use a shotgun, knife, or fire. This implies that you may have to abandon your search for secrets in the early stages of the game and revisit the location to unlock the monolith.


1. What is a Monolith in Shadow of the Tomb Raider?

A Monolith is a massive structure made of stone that Lara Croft encounters in Shadow of the Tomb Raider. These structures are scattered throughout the game’s open-world environment and serve as a crucial component of the game’s narrative and gameplay. Monoliths are ancient artifacts left behind by the game’s fictional Paititian civilization. They are covered in inscriptions and engravings that Lara must decipher to uncover hidden tombs, crypts, and other secrets.

2. How do you interact with a Monolith in Shadow of the Tomb Raider?

To interact with a Monolith, Lara must first unlock the game’s Perception ability. This skill allows her to read and interpret the inscriptions on the Monoliths. Once the player has unlocked this ability, they can approach a Monolith and interact with it by pressing the corresponding button. This will initiate a mini-game where the player must rotate the Monolith to align certain symbols with the correct position. Once the player has correctly aligned the symbols, Lara will gain access to a secret area or receive a valuable reward.

3. What rewards can you receive from a Monolith in Shadow of the Tomb Raider?

The rewards for deciphering a Monolith vary depending on the location and complexity of the puzzle. Some Monoliths will unlock hidden tombs or crypts, while others will reveal the location of valuable resources or artifacts. The rewards could be anything from rare weapons or gear to valuable crafting materials or valuable XP points. Players will need to use their problem-solving skills to decipher the Monoliths and uncover their secrets.

4. Do you need to interact with all of the Monoliths to complete the game?

No, players do not need to interact with all of the Monoliths to complete the main story of Shadow of the Tomb Raider. However, players who want to fully explore the game’s open-world environment and uncover all of its secrets will need to interact with as many Monoliths as possible. Each Monolith presents a unique puzzle that requires the player to use their problem-solving skills and Perception ability to solve. By deciphering all of the Monoliths, players will uncover valuable resources, unlock hidden tombs, and gain access to rare weapons and gear.

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