How to Beat the Trial of the Eagle in Shadow of the Tomb Raider?

The Trial of the Eagle is a challenging puzzle location in Shadow of the Tomb Raider. To reach it from Kuwak Yaku, Lara must complete the Trial of the Jaguar first.

  • Part 1: Climbing to the First Sail
  • Part 2: Climbing to the Second Sail
  • Part 3: Reaching the Upper Exit from the Tower

Part 1: Climbing to the First Sail

The tower in the picture is used for this puzzle. Some parts of it can kill Lara instantly, so players must be careful. The objective is to reach the top of the tower.

Climb up while avoiding the moving parts of the mechanism. Players must make perfect jumps in several areas to avoid dying. Soon after beginning the puzzle, players must hold onto the ledge shown in the picture and move to the side.

Another challenging spot is shown in the picture above. Lara must lower herself to the lower platform using a rope after she gets onto the climbing wall.

Players must reach the wall shown above and bounce off to reach the upper ledge. Start climbing to the right to get outside of the tower.

When Lara reaches the climbing wall, she must lower herself using the rope and move as low as possible. After running on the wall and swinging left and right, players can reach the next part of the wall shown in the picture.

Climb up and stand next to the structure that looks like a sail. Aim the bow at the rope coil to unlock the passage.

Part 2: Climbing to the Second Sail

Get close to the central, rotating construction. Wait until the ladder shown in the picture is directly in front of Lara and jump to reach it.

Climb onto the beam, avoiding the moving parts, and reach the rotating structure shown above. Wait until it stops in a configuration that allows climbing and start going up.

Players must take the beam after reaching the largest ledge and make a leap from the spot shown above. Lara will notice a new sail behind a damaged wall but won’t be able to break through.

After reaching the new ledge, players must avoid the moving part shown in picture 1 and only reach the right hole shown in picture 2 when it passes Lara. This will bring them near the second sail.

Stand next to the wooden structure and shoot the rope coil shown above to destroy a part of the wooden structure.

Inspect the damaged outer portion of the tower and you will come across a circular lever as shown in the picture. Try hitting it with a rope arrow. Lara can pull it to open the right passage for a brief period.

Act fast as the lever will soon revert to its original position, shutting the passage again.

Move to the left of the sail and aim at the protruding lever (picture 1). Connect it to the coil of ropes to ensure that the lever remains open (picture 2).

Next, move to the other sail and aim at the coil of ropes located in the center of the tower. You can now begin the final stage of the climb.

Part three – reaching the upper exit from the tower

As before, wait for the right moment to reach one of the ladders attached to the central mechanism. Climb it and jump into the center of the structure.

Use the beam to access the two climbing walls shown in the picture. Remember to use the ice axe with the right button.

Upon reaching the upper ledge, use the new beam and jump onto the edge near the red part of the center of the structure. Wait for the right moment to jump to the higher ledges (picture above).

Climb onto the highest beam and reach its end. Wait until you’re near the climbing wall shown above and perform a leap towards it (use the axe).

Lower yourself using the rope and begin running on the wall. You must reach the edge on the right.

A portion of the structure will start crumbling, but it is a scripted part of the game. Climb up and reach the exit where you will find a new mural and the path leading to the Hidden City.


1. What is the Trial of the Eagle in Shadow of the Tomb Raider?

The Trial of the Eagle is one of the challenge tombs in Shadow of the Tomb Raider. It is located in the Peruvian jungle and requires players to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles to reach the tomb’s inner sanctum. The goal of the trial is to retrieve the Sip’s Strike legendary weapon, which can be used to break down barriers and solve other puzzles in the game.

2. How do I start the Trial of the Eagle?

To start the Trial of the Eagle, players must first locate the entrance to the challenge tomb in the Peruvian jungle. The entrance is marked with a green symbol on the map. Once inside, players must navigate through various puzzles and obstacles to reach the inner sanctum, where the Sip’s Strike legendary weapon can be found.

3. What are some tips for completing the Trial of the Eagle?

One of the most important tips for completing the Trial of the Eagle is to pay close attention to environmental clues and hints. These can help guide players through the puzzles and obstacles in the tomb. Additionally, players should make use of Lara’s skills and abilities to overcome challenges, such as using her grappling hook to swing across gaps or climbing walls to reach new areas. Finally, players should be patient and take their time to carefully consider each puzzle and obstacle before attempting to solve it.

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