How to Complete the Gate Puzzle in Kuwak Yaku in Shadow of the Tomb Raider?

When exploring the ruins in Shadow of the Tomb Raider, you’ll encounter an extensive gate puzzle inside the Kuwak Yaku ruins. This puzzle requires you to complete it after killing the mercenaries and sliding down the rope into the oil well.

The riddle’s location is shown above. The gate is shut, and there are two dials on the sides, which you can use to move the plates with various symbols, with the lowest plate being the one that moves.

The first part is simple: move the plates until they lock in the correct position automatically. Refer to the picture above.

Now, two narrow footbridges have appeared, leading to the sides. You can choose the order, but beware of the one on the right, as it will crumble a little.

Each side entrance leads to an interactive gate, and these side locations are painted with new symbols, which will help you solve the next part.

Return to the two main dials and begin moving them based on the symbols in the rooms on the sides. Refer to the picture above for the solution to this part of the riddle.

The central gate can now be lifted, but there is another one behind it. Trying to open it will result in the floor crumbling, so go back to the main hall with the dials.

Notice that there are now four stone plates next to both dials. You can continue to solve the riddle based on the symbols from the side chambers. The solution to the third part of the riddle is shown above.

Similar to previous steps, you can open the central gate, but there’s another trap behind it. Return to the main room again and, as Lara suggests, take a look at the photo from her journal. The picture you need to see is called Maya Date. Rotate it with the right stick until you can see the hidden hint revealing the right symbol.

You can use the hint and turn the dials for the last time. The solution to the fourth part of the riddle is shown above.

Finally, open the central gate to solve the riddle.


1. What is the Gate riddle in Kuwak Yaku?

The Gate riddle is a puzzle in the Kuwak Yaku region of Shadow of the Tomb Raider. It involves finding and aligning the symbols on four pillars to open a gate that leads to a hidden tomb. The symbols on the pillars are scattered throughout the area and must be found by exploring the surrounding environment.

2. How do I solve the Gate riddle?

To solve the Gate riddle, you must first find all four pillars with the symbols. Once you have found them, you must align the symbols in the correct order. The correct order is: eagle, condor, serpent, and jaguar. To align the symbols, you must interact with each pillar and rotate it until the correct symbol is facing forward. Once all four symbols are aligned, the gate will open, and you can enter the hidden tomb.

3. Are there any tips for solving the Gate riddle?

Yes, there are a few tips that can help you solve the Gate riddle more easily. First, make sure to explore the entire Kuwak Yaku region to find all four pillars with the symbols. Second, take note of the animal symbols on each pillar, as they will help you remember the correct order. Finally, if you are having trouble aligning the symbols, try rotating each pillar until the correct symbol is facing forward, then move on to the next pillar and repeat. With a little patience and persistence, you will be able to solve the Gate riddle and uncover the secrets of the hidden tomb.

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