How to Get the Fire in the Hole Trophy in Elex 2?

If you want to obtain the Bomber (Fire in the Hole) achievement in Elex 2, this trophy guide page can help you. You need to kill 10 enemies using hand grenades to unlock it.

  • Getting Hand Grenades
  • Killing 10 Enemies with Grenades

Getting Hand Grenades

To get hand grenades, you can search for them in containers or bodies of defeated bandits. You only need 2-3 grenades to get the trophy. Alternatively, you can buy them from a merchant in the Fort or find a blueprint for crafting them in a location north of the Fort.

However, to craft grenades, you need ingredients and a crafting ammo skill that you must purchase from a trainer first. After that, you can use the ammo crafting workbench, which is available in the Bastion.

Killing 10 Enemies with Grenades

Once you have a few grenades, look for a location with weak opponents, such as basic bandits. Sneak up to a group of enemies, quick save the game, and throw grenades at them. Try to throw as many grenades as possible before the enemies disperse, and several explosions in the same spot will increase the chances of killing someone.

After using all grenades, load the quick save you made earlier. The game counts all kills continuously, so the enemies that died because of the grenades will be counted as new kills. Repeat this pattern until you get the trophy.


What is the Fire in the Hole trophy in Elex 2?

The Fire in the Hole trophy in Elex 2 is a special achievement that players can unlock by completing a specific task. To earn this trophy, players must complete a quest called “The Big Bang” which involves using explosives to destroy a building. This trophy is a popular one among players, as it requires a bit of strategy and skill to complete successfully.

What do I need to do to unlock the Fire in the Hole trophy?

To unlock the Fire in the Hole trophy, players must first reach the city of Goliet and complete the “Big Bang” quest. During this quest, players will be tasked with using explosives to destroy a building. Players will need to plan their attack carefully, as they will need to avoid enemy fire and make sure the explosives are placed correctly.

Is the Fire in the Hole trophy difficult to get?

Getting the Fire in the Hole trophy in Elex 2 can be a bit challenging, especially for players who are new to the game. This trophy requires players to complete a specific quest and use explosives to destroy a building, which can be a bit tricky. However, with some practice and careful planning, most players should be able to unlock this trophy.

What rewards do I get for unlocking the Fire in the Hole trophy?

While the Fire in the Hole trophy itself is a reward, players will not receive any in-game items or bonuses for unlocking it. However, earning trophies can be a fun way to challenge yourself and show off your skills to other players. Additionally, unlocking all of the trophies in Elex 2 can give players a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

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