How to Join the Clerics Faction (High-tech Allies) in Elex

In Elex, High-tech Allies is a quest that allows you to become a member of the Clerics faction. However, you need to gain their approval first by completing various quests that are given by their leaders and members. It’s important to note that if you join the Clerics, you won’t be able to complete quests that can help you become a part of the Berserkers or the Outlaws, as you can only be a member of one faction.

To join the Clerics, you need to speak with Judicator Reinhold in the Cathedral located in The Hort city. He is the one who decides whether or not you can join the faction. The most important quest that you can get from him is Subversive Elements, where you must track down a person who is trading Elex. In addition to this, you must also complete many other side quests for the Clerics, which are given by Martha and Hagen.

When you ask Reinhold about your approval level, he will check your completed quests for the Clerics and make a decision based on that. There are three possible responses:

  1. If you have completed enough quests for the Clerics and helped their members during most of them, Reinhold will allow you to join the faction.
  2. If you haven’t completed enough quests for the Clerics, you’ll need to keep completing them (refer to the guide’s chapter dedicated to side quests in Ignadon for help).
  3. If you have completed enough quests for the Clerics, but made decisions that were bad for the faction during at least a few of them, you may need to fix your relations with the organization.

Joining the Clerics grants you 3000 XP and 500 Elexit for completing Subversive Elements and 2700 XP for reaching the lowest rank, Acolyte. You also receive Acolyte Armor, a PSI Amplifier that deals PSI damage, and 1 Clerics ability point, which unlocks a new ability category. Additionally, you gain access to new items that you can buy in the Clerics’ city and can try to get promoted to the Legate rank, which is explained on the following page.


1. How do I join the Clerics faction in Elex?

To join the Clerics faction in Elex, you first need to make your way to the city of Hort, which is located in the Northern part of the map. Once you reach Hort, you need to make your way to the Cathedral, which is located at the center of the city. Once you’re at the Cathedral, speak with the leader of the Clerics faction, named Reinhold. He will give you a series of tasks to complete in order to prove your worth to the faction, and once you have completed them, you will be able to officially join the Clerics.

2. What are the benefits of joining the Clerics faction?

Joining the Clerics faction in Elex comes with several benefits. The Clerics faction is focused on high-tech weapons and armor, so if you’re interested in using these types of items, joining the Clerics is a great choice. Additionally, the Clerics are one of the three main factions in the game, so joining them will give you access to their unique quests and storylines. Finally, joining the Clerics will also give you access to their technology, which can be incredibly useful as you progress through the game.

3. What are the requirements for joining the Clerics faction?

To join the Clerics faction in Elex, you need to have a certain level of reputation with them. This can be increased by completing quests for the Clerics or by helping them in other ways. Additionally, you need to have a certain level of skill in the game’s combat mechanics, as the Clerics are focused on high-tech weapons and armor. Finally, you need to be willing to follow the Clerics’ strict code of conduct, which may involve making difficult decisions and sacrifices.

4. Can I join other factions in addition to the Clerics?

Yes, you can join multiple factions in Elex. However, keep in mind that some factions may be hostile towards each other, so you may need to make difficult decisions and choose which factions to support in certain situations. Additionally, joining one faction may make it more difficult to increase your reputation with another faction, so be sure to consider the consequences before making any decisions.

5. What happens if I decide not to join the Clerics faction?

If you decide not to join the Clerics faction in Elex, you can still progress through the game and complete quests for other factions. However, you will not have access to the unique quests and storylines that are available to Clerics members, and you will not be able to use their high-tech weapons and armor. Additionally, choosing not to join the Clerics may impact your relationships with other factions, as they may view you differently depending on which factions you choose to support.

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