How to Make Money in Elex

In the world of Elex, the main currency is elexit. It’s essential to have elexit to purchase new gear and learn new abilities. Elexit can also be used in certain missions to avoid violence. Here are some ways to earn elexit:

  1. Complete missions – completing missions rewards players with hundreds or even thousands of elexit shards. It’s also an opportunity to collect valuable items for trading.

Trading is another way of earning money in Elex. Vendors have unlimited amounts of cash and will buy any item, even those of small value. Collecting and selling “junk” items can be profitable.

  1. Pickpocketing – this is a risky method that requires the Pickpocket ability. Characters in the game carry precious items that can be stolen. Lock Picking is also useful for breaking into houses. However, stealing must be done stealthily to avoid detection and consequences.


1. What are some ways to earn elexit in Elex?

Elexit is the primary currency in the game Elex that is used to purchase various items and upgrades. There are several ways to earn elexit in the game. One of the most common ways is by completing quests and missions. These tasks often reward players with elexit, as well as other valuable items.

Another way to earn elexit is by selling unwanted items to vendors. Players can gather resources and loot from defeated enemies and other sources, which can be sold for elexit. Crafting and trading are also viable options for earning elexit, as players can create and sell items to other players or NPCs.

2. Are there any special items or skills that can help players earn more elexit?

Yes, there are several items and skills in Elex that can help players earn more elexit. One such item is the “Merchant’s Garb,” which increases the amount of elexit earned from selling items to vendors. Additionally, there are various skills in the game’s skill tree that can improve a player’s trading and crafting abilities, allowing them to earn more elexit from these activities.

3. Can players farm elexit by repeating certain tasks or activities?

While it is possible to earn elexit by repeating certain tasks or activities, the amount of elexit earned may not be significant enough to make it a viable farming method. Additionally, repeatedly completing the same tasks can become tedious and may not be the most enjoyable way to earn elexit.

Instead, players should focus on completing quests and missions, selling unwanted items, and improving their trading and crafting skills to earn elexit more efficiently.

4. Are there any pitfalls to avoid when trying to earn elexit?

One common mistake players make when trying to earn elexit is focusing too much on farming and not enough on enjoying the game. Earning elexit should be a natural byproduct of playing the game and completing quests, rather than the sole focus of gameplay.

Another pitfall to avoid is spending elexit frivolously on unnecessary items or upgrades. Players should prioritize their spending and only purchase items that will help them progress in the game.

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