How to Obtain All Achievements in One Playthrough?

Earning all achievements in Fallout 4 during a single playthrough can be challenging due to conflicting interests among four factions in the game. Your alliance with one faction may negatively affect your relationship with another, or even turn them into your enemy. Additionally, Fallout 4 has multiple endings that are mutually exclusive. Fortunately, you don’t need to start a new game. Instead, follow the tricks below, which involve basic cooperation with factions in a specific order and saving the game at key moments.

Note – This list is for earning every possible achievement and is not the best way to experience the game. You will have to skip some quests, such as the final tasks from the Minutemen. If you don’t want all the achievements, complete the game as you wish and commit to your preferred faction. The guide’s walkthrough section has descriptions of all main quests and faction missions.

Note – Achievements unrelated to quests and important choices are not included in the list below. You can’t miss them, and they’re easy to complete.

Note – The suggested list is not the only way to unlock all achievements (and the platinum trophy on PlayStation 4). Don’t worry if you did something slightly differently. As long as you didn’t make the wrong choices at critical moments, you should still be able to earn the achievements.

First Main Quests and Minutemen Quests

– Begin by completing two of the first main quests – Prologue and Out of Time.

– After Out of Time, you’ll encounter the Minutemen for the first time, and their quest, When Freedom Calls, will begin. Complete it entirely.

– From this point, you can complete main quests and Minutemen quests interchangeably or focus on one group at a time. While completing these tasks, avoid starting quests related to the Brotherhood of Steel or the Railroad.

– Complete main quests up to the end of Hunter/Hunted.

– Complete Minutemen quests up to the end of Old Guns.

– After completing Old Guns, DO NOT CONTINUE doing quests for the Minutemen. Avoid helping towns (random quests) because it will trigger the Minutemen ending (defense of the Castle, one of their towns). Completing this ending will prevent you from completing other main quests that offer achievements.

Main Quest “The Molecular Level” and First Railroad Quests

– Start by completing the main quest, The Molecular Level.

– While completing The Molecular Level, you’ll be forced to contact the Railroad faction. Complete their first two quests – Road to Freedom (first Railroad encounter) and Tradecraft.

– Return to The Molecular Level. You’ll have to build a teleporter and the game will suggest you seek help from one of the factions. Ask the Railroad for assistance – it will trigger the Underground Undercover quest. Progress as far as you can into this quest.

Main quest “Institutionalized” and initial Institute missions

After finishing The Molecular Level, the Institutionalized main quest will begin. During this task, agree to work with the Institute, which is the fourth faction in the game. But don’t worry, it won’t prevent you from cooperating with any other faction.

Complete three initial missions for the Institute – Synth Retention, The Battle of Bunker Hill, and Mankind Redefined. During The Battle of Bunker Hill, you can behave in any way you want towards the synths that you find, as this decision won’t damage your relationships with any of the factions to the point where you become their enemy.

The first point of no return

Manually save the game before beginning the next mission, Mass Fusion. This is a critical step, as completing the quest will make you an enemy of the Brotherhood of Steel, and you won’t be able to complete any other quests from this faction.

All Brotherhood of Steel missions

Start completing the Brotherhood of Steel missions. Your first mission might be Reveille, which involves meeting the members of the Brotherhood on the Boston airport, or Fire Support, which involves offering support to the Brotherhood of Steel members fighting near the police station in Cambridge.

You will become a member of this faction at the end of the Call to Arms mission. Complete missions for the Brotherhood of Steel until you unlock The Nuclear Option, one of the endings that will grant you an achievement.

Return to the first point of no return

By now, you should have unlocked all Minutemen and Brotherhood of Steel achievements (the remaining ones are from the Railroad and Institute). You can reload the game from before you started the Mass Fusion mission from the Institute.

Continuation of Institute and Railroad missions

Complete the Mass Fusion mission from the Institute as it will make you an enemy of the Brotherhood of Steel.

Begin the two following Institute missions – Pinned and Powering Up. During the Pinned mission, help the Minutemen (sending them away during the conversation is a good idea), and in Powering Up, have the optional conversation with the synth.

At the same time, continue the Underground Undercover mission from the Railroad. You received this mission if you asked Railroad for help with the teleporter in The Molecular Level.

The second point of no return

Manually save the game before proceeding with the next Institute mission, End of the Line. This is an essential step because the entire mission involves killing all of the Railroad members at their HQ.

All of Railroad missions

Begin completing the rest of the Railroad missions – Operation Ticonderoga, Precipice of War, and Rockets’ Red Glare. The last one grants you an achievement.

You do not have to complete the Railroad’s final mission (The Nuclear Option) because you have unlocked its achievement by cooperating with the Brotherhood of Steel.

Return to the second point of no return

The Railroad has joined the Minutemen and the Brotherhood, so you should have all the achievements from these factions. Reload the game from before the End of the Line mission.

Remaining Quests from the Institute

– Complete End of the Line. This will make you an enemy of the Railroad and it will cease to exist since all of its key members are dead.

– Airship Down and Nuclear Family are the only two quests left. The former is about eliminating the Brotherhood of Steel, while the latter is one of the game’s endings, and completing it earns you an achievement.

Appendix – List of Quest-Related Achievements

  • War Never Changes – cannot be missed
  • Unlikely Valentine – cannot be missed
  • Reunions – cannot be missed
  • Dangerous Minds – cannot be missed
  • Hunter/Hunted – cannot be missed
  • The Molecular Level – cannot be missed
  • Institutionalized – first contact with the Institute
  • Taking Independence – one of the Minutemen quests
  • Old Guns – one of the Minutemen quests
  • Tradecraft – one of the Railroad quests
  • Underground Undercover – one of the Railroad quests. You’ll receive it if you ask the Railroad for help during The Molecular Level quest
  • Rockets’ Red Glare – one of the Railroad quests
  • Semper Invicta – one of the Brotherhood of Steel quests
  • Blind Betrayal – one of the Brotherhood of Steel quests
  • Ad Victoriam – one of the Brotherhood of Steel quests
  • The Nuclear Option – a quest related to one of the endings. You can complete it for the Minutemen, Brotherhood of Steel, or the Railroad after you finish all of the faction quests.
  • Mankind Redefined – one of the Institute quests
  • Powering Up – one of the Institute quests
  • Nuclear Family – a quest related to one of the endings. It can be completed for the Institute after finishing all of its quests.


1. Is it possible to get all achievements in a single run?

Yes, it is possible to get all achievements in a single run if you plan and execute your game properly. You need to have a clear understanding of the game mechanics and requirements for each achievement. You should also have a plan on how to complete the achievements in a specific order to maximize your chances of success. Moreover, you need to be patient and persistent as some achievements can be challenging and require multiple attempts.

2. What are some tips to get all achievements in a single run?

Firstly, you should research the game and its achievements thoroughly before starting. Secondly, you should prioritize the achievements that are easier to get and try to complete them first. Thirdly, you should pay attention to the game’s objectives and try to complete as many as possible in a single run. Finally, you should take advantage of any opportunities to unlock multiple achievements simultaneously.

3. Are there any games that are easier to get all achievements in a single run?

Yes, some games are designed to be completed in a single run, and their achievements are easier to get compared to other games. Examples of such games include Limbo, Inside, and Firewatch. However, it is essential to note that each game is unique, and the difficulty of getting all achievements in a single run varies from game to game. Therefore, it is crucial to research the game and its achievements before attempting to get all achievements in a single run.

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