How to Obtain the Hogar Dulce Hogar Trophy in Far Cry 6

If you’re looking to acquire the Hogar Dulce Hogar trophy in Far Cry 6, this guide will show you how to upgrade any facility to its maximum level in the guerrilla camp.

This trophy guide for Far Cry 6 provides step-by-step instructions on how to unlock the Hogar Dulce Hogar trophy. To obtain this achievement, you must upgrade any object to its maximum level in any guerrilla camp during the single-player campaign.

The Hogar Dulce Hogar trophy is obtained by upgrading any facility to its maximum level in the guerrilla camps where the camera switches to TPP view. These camps are Montero Farm in the Madrugada region, Patriotas Peak in the El Este region, and Camp Maximas in the Valle De Oro region. You can obtain the trophy at any of these locations while progressing through the main storyline.

Each of the rebel hideouts features a Construction Desk where you can order blueprints from the foreman to place unique objects in the camp.

There are a total of six blueprints available in the game, with a maximum of two blueprints in any given camp.

You must use common crafting ingredients such as metal and gasolina to purchase projects.

Initially, a level 1 object will be placed, but to obtain the trophy, you must upgrade it to level 3. By hovering over the round icon under the object name, you can learn about the materials required for the upgrade and whether or not you have them. Always keep an eye out for new crafting materials while exploring the game world, especially when exploring enemy military bases.

Purchasing the third level of any object will unlock the Hogar Dulce Hogar trophy. You only need to upgrade one of the six possible objects in this way and are not required to upgrade all structures in all three guerrilla hideouts.


What is the Hogar Dulce Hogar Trophy in Far Cry 6?

The Hogar Dulce Hogar Trophy is a hidden achievement in Far Cry 6. To unlock it, you need to find and liberate all 13 safehouses in the game. Safehouses are marked on the map with a small house icon and can be unlocked by completing certain objectives in the area, such as destroying propaganda or killing enemy soldiers. Once you have liberated all 13 safehouses, the trophy will be unlocked.

Is it difficult to get the Hogar Dulce Hogar Trophy in Far Cry 6?

The difficulty of getting the Hogar Dulce Hogar Trophy in Far Cry 6 depends on your skill level and how familiar you are with the game mechanics. Some safehouses are located in heavily guarded areas, so you will need to be stealthy and use your weapons wisely. Others require you to complete specific missions or objectives before they can be unlocked. However, with patience and persistence, the trophy is definitely achievable. It may take some time to find all 13 safehouses, but the sense of accomplishment when you finally unlock the trophy will be worth it.

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