How to Obtain the Outdated Tech Trophy in Far Cry 6

If you’re looking to obtain the Outdated Tech trophy in Far Cry 6, this guide will help you. You can earn this trophy by sabotaging an alarm to eliminate an enemy soldier. Follow the instructions below to learn how to do this.

This page of the Far Cry 6 trophy guide explains how to unlock the Outdated Tech trophy. You will earn it by sabotaging an alarm to eliminate an enemy soldier. Here, you will find out what you need to do to achieve this goal.

  • Step 1 – Unlock the Sabotage Item
  • Step 2 – Sabotage Any Alarm

Step 1 – Unlock the Sabotage Item

To earn this trophy, you will need to prepare in advance because sabotaging alarms in enemy locations is not possible by default. You need to purchase the Bandidos Barracks project at any of the three main guerrilla hideouts and upgrade it to level 3.

Visit the barracks and speak to the NPC to open the trading window. Purchase and wear the Techmaster Band, which has a special feature called Security Expert that allows you to sabotage alarms.

Step 2 – Sabotage Any Alarm

You can now visit any enemy location with at least one alarm, such as an FND base. Recon the area beforehand to locate the alarm(s).

Once inside the hostile location, sneak around to avoid detection.

When you approach the alarm, hold down the interaction button (Triangle / Y) to sabotage it and turn it into a death trap.

After sabotaging one or more alarms in a given enemy location, allow the enemies to detect you, but don’t attack them. Let one of the soldiers activate the alarm, which will cause it to explode and eliminate them.


1. What is the Outdated Tech Trophy in Far Cry 6?

The Outdated Tech Trophy is a hidden achievement in Far Cry 6 that requires players to find and destroy all 50 propaganda speakers scattered throughout Yara. These speakers play propaganda messages from the dictator, Anton Castillo, and are usually found in high places such as rooftops or towers.

2. How do I locate the propaganda speakers?

The propaganda speakers are marked on the game map with a speaker icon. However, they are not always easy to spot, so players should keep an eye out for them while exploring the game world. Using a helicopter or other aerial vehicle can also help players spot the speakers from a distance.

3. What weapons should I use to destroy the propaganda speakers?

Players can use any weapon to destroy the propaganda speakers, but some weapons are more effective than others. Explosives such as grenades or rocket launchers can take out speakers quickly, while silenced weapons like the crossbow or pistol can be used for stealthy destruction. Using a helicopter or other aircraft to fly close to the speakers and shoot them can also be effective.

4. Is there a specific order to destroy the propaganda speakers?

No, players can destroy the propaganda speakers in any order they wish. However, it may be helpful to focus on one region at a time to make it easier to track progress and avoid missing any speakers.

5. What happens after I destroy all 50 propaganda speakers?

After destroying all 50 propaganda speakers, players will unlock the Outdated Tech Trophy and earn some in-game rewards. Additionally, destroying the speakers will decrease the amount of propaganda heard throughout Yara, making it easier for players to move around undetected and complete other missions.

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