How to Open Locked Doors and Gates in Far Cry 6

This guide for Far Cry 6 provides information on how to open locked doors and gates, and also explains whether lock picks are available in the game.

If you want to infiltrate an enemy outpost or bunker, you may come across locked doors and metal gates. This guide explains how to open them and whether lock picks are a feature in Far Cry 6.

Locked doors are found in hostile locations such as outposts, forts, and camps. It is advisable not to ignore them as they often lead to areas with unique and valuable loot.

In Far Cry 6, you cannot use lock picks to open a lock. Instead, you have to obtain a matching key for the door. When you approach the door, it will indicate which key you need.

The keys can be found in the same location as the locked doors. They may either be in the inventory of an officer who walks around the location or in plain sight in publicly accessible rooms.

For closed gates, there are no keys. You have to destroy the padlocks using any weapon. However, you have to approach the gate from the correct side, which allows you to hit the padlock.

Another tip is to look for wooden planks or other obstacles to access areas surrounded by high fences. You can destroy them with a machete or melee weapon.


1. How do I open locked doors in Far Cry 6?

There are several ways to open locked doors in Far Cry 6, depending on the type of door. Some doors can be unlocked with a key or by completing a certain mission or objective. Other doors can be opened by shooting the lock or using explosives.

2. Can I pick locks in Far Cry 6?

No, there is no lockpicking mechanic in Far Cry 6. However, there are other ways to open locked doors, such as finding a key or using explosives.

3. Do I need to open locked doors in Far Cry 6 to progress in the game?

It depends on the specific mission or objective. Some missions may require you to open a certain locked door in order to progress, while others may have alternative routes. However, exploring and opening locked doors can often lead to valuable loot and resources.

4. Are there any special tools or abilities I need to open locked doors in Far Cry 6?

No, there are no special tools or abilities required to open locked doors in Far Cry 6. However, certain doors may require specific equipment or weapons to access, such as a flamethrower to burn through a barricade or a rocket launcher to blast open a reinforced door.

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