How to Unlock and Use Fast Travel in NieR Automata?

Learn how to unlock and use fast travel in NieR Automata in this guide. You will also find the limitations of this feature.

  • Unlocking fast travel
  • Using fast travel

Unlocking Fast Travel

Fast travel will not be available in the first 5-10 hours of the game, depending on how much time you spend on optional exploration and side quests. We recommend you to postpone side missions for later as most of them require traveling around the game world, and having fast travel unlocked will save you a lot of time.

When you complete one of the main quests in Chapter 5, which involves descending into the caves under the ruined city and defeating the bosses, you will be contacted by operator 6O and meet Jackass next to an Access Point on your way back to the surface.

Interact with the Access Point, and you will get a message that the fast travel has been unlocked, referred to as ‘transport’ in the game.

Using Fast Travel

To use fast travel, interact with any Access Point and select Transport.

You will see a list of discovered Access Points, and you can choose any of them. Fast travel is free.

Remember to explore all newly visited areas to unlock new Access Points. This is the only way to display them as fast travel points.


1. What is fast travel in NieR Automata?

Fast travel is a feature in NieR Automata that allows the player to quickly move to certain locations on the game map without having to traverse the entire distance. This feature is particularly useful for players who need to revisit areas for quests or to collect items.

2. How do I unlock fast travel in NieR Automata?

To unlock fast travel in NieR Automata, you must first reach the Resistance Camp in the game. Once you have reached the Resistance Camp, the game will introduce a character named Pascal who will teach you how to use the feature. After this introduction, you will be able to use fast travel to move between certain locations on the game map.

3. How do I use fast travel in NieR Automata?

To use fast travel in NieR Automata, you must first locate a transport terminal. These terminals are scattered throughout the game world and are marked on the map with a blue icon. Once you have located a terminal, simply approach it and interact with it to bring up the fast travel menu. From there, you can select the location you wish to travel to and confirm your choice.

4. Are there any limitations to using fast travel in NieR Automata?

While fast travel is a convenient feature in NieR Automata, there are some limitations to its use. For example, not all locations on the game map can be accessed through fast travel. Additionally, certain quests or story events may prevent you from using fast travel until they are completed. Finally, fast travel requires a small amount of in-game currency, known as G, to use. However, this currency is fairly easy to come by in the game, so it should not pose a significant obstacle to using fast travel.

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