In Sheep’s Clothing

Requirements: Complete the Political Leanings Institute quest and become an enemy of the faction before starting the Nuclear Family quest. Then go to Diamond City.

Quest Objectives:

  • Talk to Mayor McDonough
  • (Optional) Save Danny Sullivan

Unlocking the Quest

To unlock this quest, you must complete specific requirements. After reaching the Institute in the main story, work with that faction and complete their quests. Pay attention to the optional Institute quest, Political Leanings. During this quest, retrieve a report from Diamond City’s Mayor McDonough, who is a synth. After completing this quest, you must become an enemy of the Institute, which unlocks the Banished from the Institute quest. However, this must be done before starting the last Institute’s main quest, Nuclear Family. You can become an enemy of the Institute by killing Father or one of the scientists in that faction.

If you meet all the requirements, go to Diamond City Market. You’ll find Danny Sullivan, seriously wounded, at the stairs (see the picture above). Talk to him, and the quest will be added to your journal.

Saving Danny Sullivan

To save Danny Sullivan, use one of the stimpacks during the conversation with him. You can also provide medical help. If Curie is traveling with you, she will offer to help. Otherwise, visit the Mega Surgery Center and ask Doctor Sun for assistance.

Meeting with Mayor McDonough

Use the stairs and elevator to reach the mayor’s office. You’ll find Piper trying to get through the closed door. Find the button under the desk of the mayor’s secretary to open the door. Alternatively, use a bobby pin to pick the lock, but Piper won’t approve of this method.

Approach Mayor McDonough, who is holding Geneva hostage. You can immediately shoot him to complete the quest or talk to him. Use Charisma during the conversation to convince him to release Geneva. You can then choose one of three options: let the mayor leave the city (which won’t end in his death), attack him, or suggest that he be judged by the citizens of Diamond City. If you choose the last option, a battle will start and your persuasion attempt will be approved by others, including Piper.

Quest Rewards: Experience points

Crucial Information:

If Geneva survived the mission mentioned earlier, she will take over as the mayor. However, if she died, Diamond City will be left without a leader.


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The phrase “In Sheep’s Clothing” is often used to describe someone who is pretending to be harmless or innocent when they are actually dangerous or deceitful. The phrase comes from the fable of “The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing,” in which a wolf disguises himself as a sheep in order to sneak up on and eat other sheep. The phrase can also be used to describe situations or things that appear to be good or harmless but are actually dangerous or harmful.

How can you identify when someone is “In Sheep’s Clothing”?

Identifying someone who is “In Sheep’s Clothing” can be difficult, as they are usually very good at hiding their true intentions. However, there are some signs to look out for. For example, if someone is excessively charming or flattering, they may be trying to manipulate you. If someone always seems to be the victim or is constantly playing the martyr, they may be trying to guilt-trip you or gain sympathy. Trusting your instincts and being cautious around new people can also help you avoid being taken in by someone who is “In Sheep’s Clothing.”

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