Is Disco Elysium a Challenging Game?

On this page of the guide, you’ll discover if Disco Elysium is a difficult game and whether it has various difficulty levels.

For those who have played RPG games, the gameplay in Disco Elysium should not pose any challenge. However, there are various mechanics in the game that may be daunting for beginners, such as skill checks, thought cabinet, and political alignment.

The game is heavily focused on its narrative layer, which requires a lot of reading (or listening to dialogues), and combat occurs intermittently in the form of dialogues and skill tests.

Disco Elysium’s gameplay is based on developing specific attributes and skills, as well as making decisions that can either ease or complicate your progress. Fortunately, the game allows quicksaves so you can redo skill checks or try a different approach if you fail.

Disco Elysium has two difficulty levels:

  1. Normal: recommended for most players;
  2. Hardcore Mode: makes the game much more challenging, suitable only for experienced players familiar with Disco Elysium.

It’s difficult to determine if Disco Elysium is a challenging game because it’s not for everyone. Longer sessions with this title can be tiring, but if you enjoy point-and-click RPGs and reading, it’s worth diving into Harry’s story and spending about 20-25 hours on it.


1. Is Disco Elysium a difficult game?

Disco Elysium is definitely a challenging game, but it’s not necessarily difficult in the traditional sense. The game is more focused on exploration, conversation, and decision-making than on combat or other physical challenges. That being said, the game’s mechanics can be complex and require some careful thought and planning. For example, you must manage your character’s mental and physical health, balance conflicting ideologies, and navigate a complex web of political and social relationships. Overall, the game is challenging but rewarding, and the difficulty level can be adjusted to suit your preferences.

2. Do I need to be an experienced gamer to enjoy Disco Elysium?

While experience with other RPGs or similar games may be helpful, it’s not necessary to be an experienced gamer to enjoy Disco Elysium. The game’s unique blend of storytelling, character development, and decision-making mechanics make it accessible to players of all skill levels. That being said, the game does require a certain level of patience and attention to detail, as well as an interest in exploring the world and characters that the game presents. If you’re willing to invest the time and effort, however, Disco Elysium offers a rich and rewarding gaming experience that is unlike anything else out there.

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