Is It Necessary to Kill Dogs in Far Cry 6?

This section of the Far Cry 6 guide provides information on whether it is required to kill dogs in order to finish the game.

In this guide to Far Cry 6, you will discover if killing dogs is necessary to progress in the game. This information can be helpful for players who do not want to harm any dogs and would prefer to complete the game without hurting any pets.

While playing Far Cry 6, you will come across many dogs, and some of them can be your allies. Chorizo the dachshund and Boom Boom the stray can become your Amigos, which are your pets that will accompany you on your journey. Amigos cannot die permanently, but you will have to “revive” them if they get attacked by enemies and run out of health.

Unfortunately, you will also encounter hostile dogs that will try to attack you. Sometimes, you can avoid a confrontation and keep your distance from the dogs. However, some missions may require you to kill dogs to complete your objectives.

The game may also require or pressure you to kill other animals. For example, to achieve 100% completion, you may need to hunt a legendary boar or obtain crocodile meat. However, this is not always the case. During a quest where you need to obtain food for a party, you can opt to collect carrots instead of hunting or fishing.


1. Is killing dogs necessary in Far Cry 6?

No, it is not necessary to kill dogs in Far Cry 6. The game offers players multiple approaches to complete missions, and killing dogs is not a mandatory requirement. Players can choose to avoid these situations by using stealth or other non-lethal tactics to complete objectives.

2. Are there any consequences for killing dogs in Far Cry 6?

Yes, killing dogs in Far Cry 6 can have consequences. Depending on the context and situation, killing a dog can affect the player’s reputation with factions and characters in the game world. Additionally, some players may find the act of killing dogs disturbing or offensive.

3. Can dogs be tamed or recruited in Far Cry 6?

Yes, dogs can be tamed and recruited in Far Cry 6. Players can find and recruit various animal companions throughout the game, including dogs, who can aid in combat and exploration. These companions can be upgraded and customized to better suit the player’s playstyle.

4. How does Far Cry 6 handle animal violence?

Far Cry 6 includes depictions of animal violence, including the killing of dogs. However, the game also offers players the ability to choose how they approach these situations and provides warnings before graphic content is displayed. Additionally, the game includes a setting to disable graphic content altogether.

5. What is the overall stance of Far Cry 6 on animal rights?

Far Cry 6 does not have a specific stance on animal rights, but the game does highlight the relationship between humans and animals in its narrative. The game’s main antagonist, Anton Castillo, is shown to exploit animals and the environment for his own gain, while the player character and other factions may take a more conservationist approach. Ultimately, the player’s actions and choices determine their stance on animal rights within the game world.

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