Jewel of the Commonwealth

How to start: The quest will begin automatically when you reach the Museum of Freedom (M1,2) during the When Freedom Calls main quest.

Quest objectives:

  • Travel to Diamond City
  • Gather information about Shaun
  • Visit Valentine’s Detective Agency

Heading to Diamond City

Follow the signs

You can trigger this quest towards the end of the When Freedom Calls main quest. After fighting the raiders and deathclaw in Concord, you’ll need to return to the Museum of Freedom and speak to Preston Garvey and Mama Murphy. They’ll send you to Diamond City to find your kidnapped son. The city is located far south of your current position. You might encounter bandits or monsters on your way, but the city is guarded by neutral security personnel and you won’t need to worry about being attacked. Signposts will guide you to the city entrance.

Gathering information about Shaun

You can learn about Valentine’s agency from Piper or other residents of Diamond City

Approach the closed gate to the city and talk to Piper, the reporter who can be found there. She’ll assist you in gaining entry. Next, meet with Mayor McDonough. If you have high Charisma, you can select a unique dialogue option during your conversation with the mayor that will point you directly to Valentine’s Detective Agency. Otherwise, speak to any resident of Diamond City and they’ll guide you to the agency.

Visiting Valentine’s Detective Agency

The entrance to Valentine’s agency

Take the path leading to the Diamond City Market. Proceed to the back of the area and explore the narrow alleys. You’ll locate the entrance to Valentine’s Detective Agency there. Speak with Ellie Perkins inside. She’ll inform you that Valentine is missing. During the conversation, if your Charisma is high enough, you can use a dialogue option twice: the first time to inform her that you have important business with the detective, and the second to persuade her to set a price (125 bottlecaps) for finding him. Regardless of your choices, the quest will conclude, and a new one will begin, focused on locating Valentine.

Quest rewards: Experience points and a new primary quest (Unlikely Valentine).


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