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Upon reaching Kuwaq Yaku in Shadow of the Tomb Raider, you’ll find yourself in the first city location where you can discover side quests, documents, relics, and chests. Additionally, survival caches are scattered throughout the area, providing resources for weapon upgrades.

  • Chests
  • Relics
  • Documents
  • Survival Hideouts


Underwater in the village between the Jungle Cliffs and Hunting Grounds camps, you can find the first chest, Copal, containing treasure (1). Remember to bring a picklock.

The second chest, Inti Statuette (2), is also submerged in the Temple of Life. Beware of piranhas that lurk in different areas, as they can kill Lara instantly if she gets too close.


Located north of the Hunting Grounds camp and around the Bottom Feeder challenge area, you can find Promotional Toy (3).

Cone Mold (4) can also be discovered underwater near the Jungle Cliffs camp.

In one of the huts in the city, you’ll find Burial Doll Replica (5).

In the western part of the location, you can find Tumi Knife (6) in a crypt. You must navigate through the entire crypt until you reach the room with slaves. On the table, you’ll find the relic.


Located on a barrel west of the Hunting Grounds camp, you can find Company Town (1).

Behind one of the huts in the city, you’ll find Fuel for The Future (2).

In the same hut as Fuel for The Future, you’ll find Family Tree (3).

Trinity’s Offer (4) is located near the pink building. After reaching it, turn right and pass two huts to enter the third one. Inside next to a sitting man, you’ll find the document.

A Haunting (5) can be found near the trader on the market.

Inside a hut, you can find Water Report (6).

North of the Kuwaq Yaku monolith, there is a small hole in the wall where you can find Fever Dreams (7).

In a hut near the water located in the western part of the location, you can find End Times (8).

Located near the Airfield Dirt Road, Scouring the Globe (9) can be found. During the mission, you will have to fight, so it’s best to retrieve the documents afterward.

After reaching Operation Update (10) on the map, the document will be noticeable right away.

Inside a tomb, you can find Secret Winds (11). To get there, use a rope to access a rocky ledge.

The locations of various documents and survival hideouts in Shadow of the Tomb Raider are listed below. To obtain the document (12) called A Proverb, players must complete the entire puzzle and reach the left side of the Trail of the Eagle. The Croft Report (13) is located near the Docks camp, while Site Scrubbed (14) is found in the part of the location where the truck is. Players can find Temple Survey (15) at the entrance to the Temple of Life, and Balams (16) on the right side, inside the chamber with the puzzle in the same temple. Birthing the Serpent (17) is behind the golden statue in a small room, while Misdirection (18) is located near the entrance to the temple.

There are a total of 14 survival hideouts in the game. The first hideout (1) is located next to the crypt in the southern part of the location, while the second hideout (2) is near the Jungle Cliffs camp. Players can find the third hideout (3) south of the Hunting Grounds camp, and the fourth, fifth, and sixth hideouts in the same location. The seventh and eighth chests (7 and 8) are located where the Nam Deus challenge is located. The ninth hideout (9) is hidden near the Kuwaq Yaku Ruins camp, and the tenth one (10) is underwater. Players can find the eleventh hideout in the water opposite a hut where the End Times relic is located. The twelfth hideout is inside the Howling Caves tomb, and the thirteenth one is underwater in the Temple of Life. Finally, the fourteenth hideout (14) is located on the left side, inside the chamber with the puzzle in the Temple of Life.


1. What are the treasures, relics, and documents in Kuwaq Yaku?

The treasures, relics, and documents in Kuwaq Yaku are collectibles that can be found throughout the game Shadow of the Tomb Raider. They are scattered throughout the area and can be found by exploring the environment and completing various challenges. Treasures are valuable items that can be sold for currency, relics are ancient artifacts with historical significance, and documents provide insight into the story and characters of the game. Finding all of these collectibles can be challenging, but it adds to the overall experience of the game.

2. How do I find the treasures, relics, and documents in Kuwaq Yaku?

To find the treasures, relics, and documents in Kuwaq Yaku, players must explore the area thoroughly. Some collectibles are hidden in hard-to-reach locations, while others require specific actions to unlock. For example, some documents may only become available after completing a certain mission or talking to a specific character. Players can also use Lara’s Survival Instincts ability to highlight nearby collectibles and make them easier to locate.

3. What is the significance of the relics in Kuwaq Yaku?

The relics in Kuwaq Yaku have historical significance and provide insight into the culture and traditions of the area. They are often associated with the ancient civilization that once inhabited the region, and Lara’s interactions with them can reveal information about their beliefs and practices. The relics also add depth to the overall story of the game and help players immerse themselves in the world of Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

4. Can I sell the treasures I find in Kuwaq Yaku?

Yes, players can sell the treasures they find in Kuwaq Yaku to merchants in the game. Selling treasures provides currency that can be used to purchase weapons, upgrades, and other items. However, players should be careful not to sell any treasures that may be needed to complete a later mission or challenge, as they cannot be reacquired once sold.

5. How do the documents in Kuwaq Yaku contribute to the story?

The documents in Kuwaq Yaku provide additional information about the story and characters of the game. They can reveal backstory and motivations for certain characters, as well as clues about upcoming challenges and missions. Reading documents also adds to the immersion of the game, allowing players to fully explore the world and understand the context of their actions.

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