LEGO Skywalker Saga: A New Hope – List of Items to Collect and Rewards

This section of the LEGO Skywalker Saga guide features all the mini-sets that can be acquired in Part 4 of A New Hope.

On this page of the LEGO Skywalker Saga guide, you will discover all the hidden items and collectibles that make up the mini-kit available in Episode 4: A New Hope. Acquiring these elements will unlock several rewards, including the Tantive IV Escape Pod, Millennium Falcon, Imperial TIE Fighter, Y-wing, and Death Star.

  • Boarding Party
  • Hunk of Junk
  • Best Leia’d Plans
  • This is Some Rescue
  • Stay on Target

Boarding Party

Reward: Tantive IV Escape Pod

Destroying 4 birds that appear in the level will earn you a part of the mini-kit. You can find them scattered all over this stage.

To access the next part, you need to open the door using Jedi force and enter a corridor filled with electric currents. Avoid them to reach the collectible.

If you continue walking, you will come across a room where a small party is taking place. Your task is to use Jedi force to scatter all 3 opponents. As a result, a collectible will appear on the floor, which you will need to grab.

Advancing through the plot will unlock the path to the next point. The opponents will punch a hole in the wall, creating a path to the corridor. At the end of the corridor, you will find 4 red buttons. Turn them all on by placing 2 objects on them and having 2 characters step on the remaining buttons. This will unlock the way to the collectible.

The next part of the mini-kit can be found in a room behind a pile of items. Destroy them to access the collectible. You can do this without a weapon by hitting the blockade with your bare hands several times.

Hunk of Junk

Reward: Millennium Falcon

The first collectible is available as soon as you enter the level. However, you need to gather the gear for the Scavenger class first. You will unlock it during the 6th or 7th episode (depending on which one you reach first). Place the net on the wall and climb up to retrieve the mini-kit part.

The next collectible requires moving two elements. Once they connect to the machine, the part will appear on the map.

You will need a special vehicle to reach the next part of the mini-kit. The vehicle will be waiting for you near the ship, which makes things easier.

The collectible will drop from the machine once you have placed the vehicle in the correct location.

The next part can be found on the upper floor (after unlocking the elevator during the main story). Simply destroy the chest and use the materials to craft the collectible.

To complete the set, you need to run along the small corridor until you reach the last part, which is hidden behind a locked door. The door will be unlocked in the main plot.

Best Leia’d Plans

The reward for completing this level is an Imperial TIE Fighter.

To obtain all the collectibles, you need the Bounty Hunter’s help to open a room. They will pull on the door to create a passage over the hole in the floor. Inside, you’ll find one of the 3 robots that need to be destroyed to get the part. The other two are moving around the floors.

In the same room, you have to destroy the chest to build part of the minikit.

To get the next collectible, you have to jump down to the next platform, which is easy to land on.

Getting the next part requires a few steps. First, you need to pull the lever near the red button to create a line to cross to the other side. Then get to the other side, grab the card and use it to open the first room you see. From this room, take the blue battery and put it into the mechanism next to the following room. Inside, you’ll find a collectible.

The final collectible can be obtained by progressing the main storyline. After taking the elevator to the top, turn around, exit the room with the opponents, and turn left. The room will open automatically, and you will easily get the last part.

This is Some Rescue

The reward for completing this level is a Y-wing.

At the beginning of the level, you need to obtain the key. You need a protocol droid for this task, which will net you a valid pass. Continue further and head towards the door marked with yellow pipes. Select a Bounty Hunter and destroy the glowing elements.

Open the door and head right. There, you’ll need to enter the code you found at the start of the level. It will open the path to the first collectible.

To reach another collectible, you’ll need a Jedi. First, place the crates so you may climb up, then use the lightsaber to destroy the wall. This will land you another part of the minikit.

You’ll get to a point in the main story where you’ll be able to play as Luke and Leia. While in the room with the enemies, switch your character to a Villain and open the next room. Right behind the wall, you will find a part of the minikit.

After opening the last door on this level, you need to jump on the bars to reach the next level and get the collectible.

At this stage, there are 3 robots that move in circles on the floors. You need to destroy all of them to obtain the last piece of the minikit.

Stay on Target

Reward: Death Star

The first two parts can be collected while flying through the tunnel. They will appear on the right side of the arena, and you need to shoot them down to collect them.

The third piece can be seen when you progress to the next part of the stage. Destroy the antenna attached to the wall to collect it – you don’t need to fly into it.

The last two pieces require you to destroy two objects on the walls. Look out for the pipes around them. Aim accurately and shoot straight at the glowing object to destroy them.


What are the collectibles in LEGO Skywalker Saga: A New Hope?

In LEGO Skywalker Saga: A New Hope, there are several collectibles that players can gather throughout each level. These include minikits, red bricks, and studs. Minikits are hidden throughout each level and require players to solve puzzles or defeat enemies to collect them. Red bricks are also hidden and can be used to unlock special abilities or bonuses. Studs are the currency in the game and can be collected by destroying objects or defeating enemies. They can be used to purchase characters and vehicles.

What are the rewards for collecting all of the minikits in LEGO Skywalker Saga: A New Hope?

If players collect all of the minikits in a level, they will receive a special reward. In LEGO Skywalker Saga: A New Hope, the reward for collecting all of the minikits in a level is a gold brick. Gold bricks are used to unlock new levels and areas in the game. There are a total of 200 gold bricks to collect in the game, so players will need to collect all of the minikits in multiple levels to obtain them all.

How do players unlock characters and vehicles in LEGO Skywalker Saga: A New Hope?

To unlock characters and vehicles in LEGO Skywalker Saga: A New Hope, players must collect studs and purchase them in the game’s hub world. Each character and vehicle has a different stud cost, so players will need to collect a lot of studs to unlock them all. Some characters and vehicles are also unlocked by completing certain missions or challenges in the game.

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