LEGO Skywalker Saga: All Cheat Codes for Bonus Content Unlock

This guide provides a list of all the cheat codes for LEGO Skywalker Saga that can be used to unlock bonus content, along with instructions on how to enter them.

Here, you will find a comprehensive list of cheat codes for unlocking additional game content, as well as the method for entering these codes.

  • List of all cheats
  • Entering codes

List of all cheats

Below is a complete list of cheat codes for Lego Skywalker Saga.

  1. Aayla Secura – enter the code KH7P320
  2. Admiral Holdo – enter the code XV4WND9
  3. C-3PO (Holiday Special) – enter the code C3PHOHO
  4. D-0 (Holiday Special) – enter the code TIPYIPS
  5. Darth Vader (Holiday Special) – enter the code WROSHYR
  6. Dengar – enter the code OKV7TLR
  7. Emperor Palpatine – enter the code SIDIOUS
  8. Gonk Droid (Holiday Special) – enter the code LIFEDAY
  9. Itchy (Holiday Special) – enter the code WOOKIEE
  10. Mister Bones – enter the code BAC1CKP
  11. Nute Gunray – enter the code WBFE4GO
  12. Poe Dameron (Holiday Special) – enter the code KORDOKU
  13. Poggle the Lesser – enter the code Z55T8CQ
  14. Ratts Tyerell – enter the code GR2VBXF
  15. Resistance Shuttle – enter the code SHUTTLE
  16. Shaak Ti – enter the code VT1LFNH
  17. Shmi Skywalker – enter the code T9LM1QF
  18. Tarkin – enter the code 3FCPPVX
  19. The Razorcrest – enter the code ARVALA7
  20. Wexley – enter the code SKYSAGA

Entering codes

LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga allows players to enter codes for bonus content, providing access to new items without having to spend studs or meet other requirements.

The input code window can be found in the pause menu, with the ‘Enter Code’ option at the bottom of the screen.

Codes must be entered using the keyboard. Successful entry of the correct code will result in a confirmation message and access to the new content (e.g. a new character).



What are cheat codes in LEGO Skywalker Saga?

Cheat codes are a series of button combinations or passwords that can be entered in the game to unlock bonus content or achieve certain advantages, such as invincibility or unlimited resources. In LEGO Skywalker Saga, cheat codes can be entered in the pause menu or at the main menu by selecting the “Extras” option.


How do I unlock bonus content with cheat codes in LEGO Skywalker Saga?

To unlock bonus content with cheat codes in LEGO Skywalker Saga, you need to enter the correct code in the game. Each code corresponds to a specific bonus, such as a new character or vehicle. Once the code is entered, the bonus will be unlocked and available for use in the game.


Where can I find a list of all cheat codes for LEGO Skywalker Saga?

You can find a list of all cheat codes for LEGO Skywalker Saga on various gaming websites and forums. It’s important to make sure that the codes you use are legitimate and won’t harm your game or device. You can also check the official website or social media pages of the game for any updates or announcements regarding cheat codes.


Can I still earn achievements while using cheat codes in LEGO Skywalker Saga?

It depends on the specific cheat code and the achievement you are trying to earn. Some cheat codes may disable achievements, while others may not affect them at all. It’s best to check the game’s manual or website for any information on achievements and cheat codes.


Are cheat codes allowed in multiplayer mode in LEGO Skywalker Saga?

It’s up to the players to decide whether or not to use cheat codes in multiplayer mode. Some players may prefer to play without cheats to keep the game fair and balanced, while others may enjoy using them to add an extra challenge or advantage. It’s important to respect the preferences and opinions of your fellow players and communicate openly about any rules or expectations for gameplay.

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