LEGO Skywalker Saga: Attack of the Clones – List of Collectibles and Rewards

This page of the LEGO Skywalker Saga guide provides a complete list of all the minisets available in Attack of the Clones Part 2.

Here, you will find all the secrets and collectibles that make up the minikit available in Episode 2, Attack of the Clones. By collecting these items, you can unlock: Naboo Royal Cruiser, Jango’s Starship, Jedi Starfighter, Republic Assault Ship, and Count Dooku’s Solar Sailer.

  • A Wrestle with Wesell
  • The Hunt for Jango
  • Droid Factory Frenzy
  • Petranaki Panic
  • The Battle of the Jedi

A Wrestle with Wesell

Reward: Naboo Royal Cruiser

The first part of the minikit can be obtained at the beginning of the level by destroying the element moving above the arena. If you miss it, you need to restart the level.

One of the elements is located between two columns surrounded by electricity. The collectible itself is also electrocuted, but not strong enough to hurt you. You just have to fly between these columns to get the minikit part.

To get the next part, you have to destroy three glowing elements attached to skyscrapers during combat.

You will find the next part by flying into the largest object in the city. You can fly through its holographic projection to get the collectible.

The last part can be obtained by destroying 5 holographic posters. You can do it at any stage of this level.

The Hunt for Jango

Reward: Jango’s Starship

During the outer space fight, you can destroy 5 parts shown in the screenshot above to get another part for the minikit.

Another part of the minikit can be found on the right side of the asteroid. You have to get off the track a little bit – the element is flashing, so you shouldn’t have problems noticing it.

The remaining 3 parts can be found by simply flying through outer space. You can explore the area while your opponent is flying in the opposite direction. The whole minikit can be obtained in one go.

Droid Factory Frenzy

Reward: Jedi Starfighter

It is mostly impossible to get the majority of the collectibles on this level during your first playthrough.

The first element is on the conveyor belt where you start. You have to jump on the mechanism and then jump towards the minikit part to get it.

The second collectible can only be obtained with a Bounty Hunter character. This character will unlock the ladder so that you can climb up to the minikit.

To obtain the next part, you need a skilled shooter. While on the conveyor belt, look up and shoot the point above one of the three sliding objects to make the pinned collectible fall on the belt.

Destroying the painting on the canvas will earn you the next part of the minikit.

Getting the final part is an easy task, but it requires you to progress in the story by unlocking all production lines. To reach this point, you must be at the very end of the mission. It’s important to note that only Villains can destroy the wall by using grenades.

Proceed further and use the astromech droid to access the last part of the set.

Petranaki Panic

Reward: Republic Assault Ship

To obtain a part of the minikit, you need to destroy five Lego brick objects characterized by a red part at the top of a small construction in the arena.

The second part of the minikit can only be unlocked by an astromech droid that can open the passage to the collectible.

You need a Scavenger character and a breaker blaster unlocked later in episode 6 to obtain the last part of the minikit.

Only a Villain with grenades can destroy the bars blocking access to the collectible.

With the help of a Villain, destroy the object lying on the arena and build a turret from its bricks. Use it to destroy five green elements, and you will receive the final collectible.

The Battle of the Jedi

Reward: Count Dooku’s Solar Sailer

To obtain a part of the minikit during the fight, you need to destroy the bricks blocking your way, located between two wooden ramps.

Only a Bounty Hunter can destroy the element obstructing the passage to the collectible, which is the second part of the minikit.

You need a Scavenger to create a net on the wall that you can climb over to get the next part of the minikit, which is unlocked in episode 6 or 7.

The next collectible is located in the dark tunnel.

The final piece of the minikit can be found while battling Count Dooku. Rather than pursuing him, return to the starting point and select a character from the Villain class to unlock the passage. You will encounter four enemies that must be defeated in order to obtain the missing piece of the minikit.



What are the collectibles and rewards in LEGO Skywalker Saga: Attack of the Clones?

In LEGO Skywalker Saga: Attack of the Clones, there are various collectibles and rewards that players can obtain by completing certain tasks and objectives. These include gold bricks, minikits, red bricks, and character tokens. Gold bricks can be earned by completing missions, finding hidden objects, and solving puzzles. Minikits can be found by building certain objects and completing challenges. Red bricks can be unlocked by finding them hidden throughout levels, and they provide special abilities and cheats to the player. Character tokens can be collected by completing character-specific challenges, and they unlock new characters to play as.


Is there a list of all the collectibles and rewards in LEGO Skywalker Saga: Attack of the Clones?

Yes, there is a comprehensive list of all the collectibles and rewards in LEGO Skywalker Saga: Attack of the Clones. This list includes the location of all gold bricks, minikits, red bricks, and character tokens, as well as how to obtain them. Players can use this list as a guide to help them complete the game and collect all of the rewards. The list can be found online on various gaming websites and forums, and it is also included in some strategy guides for the game. It is important to note that some of the collectibles and rewards may require certain abilities or characters to obtain, so players may need to revisit levels once they have unlocked new characters or abilities.

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