LEGO Skywalker Saga: Tuanul Village – All Puzzle List

This page of the LEGO Star Wars Skywalker Saga guide contains a complete list of puzzles (Kyber bricks) available on the planet Ahch-To, specifically on the island with the temple.

On this page of the LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga guide, you can find all the secrets of Tuanul Village, located on the planet Jakku. We have provided a detailed description of the puzzles found in this location, which will help you locate the hidden Kyber Bricks, one of the types of collectibles.

  • Welcome to Tuanul Village!
  • Sandy Cargo
  • Rooftop Glide
  • Safe as Clay Houses
  • Collateral Kyber
  • Village Pillager
  • External Storage
  • Up in the Hut
  • Quick Time in Tuanul
  • First Order Fraud
  • Antenna Trouble
  • Garage Gripes
  • Plumbing Palaver
  • Dodgy Dwellings
  • En Garden!

Welcome to Tuanul Village!

Collectible: Puzzle – Kyber Brick

The brick is located in the southwest corner of the village.

Acquiring the collectible is effortless – you only need to destroy a few small objects, which can be done using either melee or ranged weapons.

Sandy Cargo

Collectible: Puzzle – Kyber Brick

The brick is located in the western part of the village.

Switch to any character from the Villains class. You need to throw a grenade at the silver container shown in the picture. Breaking it will allow you to collect the secret and complete the puzzle.

Rooftop Glide

Collectible: Puzzle – Kyber Brick

The brick is floating high in the air in the central part of the village.

You can complete the puzzle effortlessly by ignoring the “official” method of using the ramp and gliding. Select any Force-wielding character and a droid, stand under the brick, use the Force to grab the droid and move it near the brick (as shown in the picture). Switch to the droid to catch the brick while you are in the air.

Safe as Clay Houses

Collectible: Puzzle – Kyber Brick

The brick is located in the eastern part of the village.

Switch to any character from the Bounty Hunters class. You need to shoot the golden container shown in the picture. The container holds the collectible.

Collateral Kyber

Collectible: Puzzle – Kyber Brick

The puzzle is located in the southeastern part of the map.

Switch to any character from the Scavenger class (e.g. Rey) and craft the Demolition Blaster. You need to use this gadget to destroy the cracked wall shown in the picture. The brick is hidden behind it.

Village Pillager

Collectible: Puzzle – Kyber Brick

One of the buildings in the central part of the village contains the Kyber Brick. To locate it, look for the building that is guarded by the dams shown in picture 2. In order to power up the closed passage, you need to bring an energy source from the northern part of the village. The location of the energy source is shown in the picture above.

The Kyber Brick is also located in the northwest corner of the village. To access it, you need to reach the scaffolding shown in the picture next to one of the huts. No special skills or gadgets are required. Simply use double jumps to reach the roof of the hut and then walk over the beam to the scaffolding.

Another Kyber Brick is located in one of the huts in the north-eastern part of the village. To get it, switch to a character that can pull itself to the hooks and grab the hook located near the ceiling inside the hut.

The Abandoned Hut in the village contains the next Kyber Brick. The entrance to the hut is blocked by default, but any character with a lightsaber can destroy the barricade. Once inside, follow the cables leading from the cage with the collectible and destroy the surrounding objects to reveal 3 different targets. Hit all the targets using any character with a blaster before the time runs out.

The Droid Dealer’s Hut in the western part of the village contains the last Kyber Brick. There are 3 different hook points in the hut that can be broken to unlock 1 new element of a Stormtrooper outfit each. Put on a complete disguise to interact with the red terminal hidden behind destructible objects in the hut. Complete the mini-game about repeating symbols to unlock a stash with the brick.

Finally, to find Kylo Ren’s Command Shuttle, you need to build a large antenna in the center of the village. Choose any character that uses the Force to stack tower fragments on top of each other. Then, use the rotating mechanism to find the correct frequencies. Stop in the places where the progress bar appears on the screen and wait for it to fill up to 100%.

To complete this puzzle, you must first smash the objects surrounding the antenna. The Kyber Brick can be found in various locations throughout the village, and each one requires a different set of tasks to be completed before you can obtain it.

In Garage Gripes, you must speak to the Keycard Kid to find out that you need an access card to open the garage. The card can be found above the front door of Keycard Kid’s Hut, and once you have it, you can access the brick.

For Plumbing Palaver, you need to repair the sewage system by moving the interactive pipes with the Force and placing them in the correct spots. Destroying objects in the central part of the village will help you locate the pipes more easily.

In Dodgy Dwellings, you need to obtain a password to open a locked hut in the south-eastern part of the village. The password terminal is located in the south-west corner of the map on Coruscant. After obtaining the password, destroy the container inside the hut to get the Kyber Brick.

Finally, in En Garden!, you must complete another puzzle to obtain the brick. The solution involves moving various objects around the garden until the water flows through all of the pipes. Once you have done this, the vertical container will explode, and you can collect the brick.

Initially, obtaining the collectible may be difficult as it requires completing the Seeking Seeds side mission to gain access to the container. A comprehensive guide on how to complete the optional quests on the planet Jakku can be found in a separate section.

The questgiver for this mission, Granny Greenthumb, can be located in the north-western region of the village.

To complete the mission, you must acquire and deliver seeds, which will cause a Brick marker to appear in the area. Your character, preferably one with Force abilities, will have to plant the seeds individually in the pots (picture 1).

Expect Stormtrooper aircraft to arrive at the location. You will need to eliminate all of them. Once the initial fight is over, head towards the jumping blocks (picture 2) to reconstruct the central structure. Defeat more enemies and witness a cut-scene. The Brick you need will be situated next to one of the pots.


What is Tuanul Village in LEGO Skywalker Saga?

Tuanul Village is a location in the LEGO Skywalker Saga game, based on the village from the movie “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”. It is a small desert village on the planet Jakku, where the scavenger Rey lives. The village features several puzzles that players can solve while exploring the area, such as repairing a broken speeder or finding hidden objects. Successfully completing these puzzles will unlock new characters and vehicles that can be used in other parts of the game.

What are some of the puzzles in Tuanul Village in LEGO Skywalker Saga?

Some of the puzzles in Tuanul Village include repairing a broken speeder by finding missing parts scattered throughout the village, finding hidden objects like a sandcastle and a droid, and using the Force to move objects and reveal hidden paths. There are also several mini-games, such as a shooting gallery where players can earn studs, and a race that can be completed with a speeder bike. Successfully solving these puzzles and completing the mini-games will reward players with new characters and vehicles that can be used in other parts of the game.

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