List of all Criptograma Charts in Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6: On this page, you will find a comprehensive list of all Criptograma Charts that are available in the game across the regions of Isla Santuario, Madrugada, Valle De Oro, El Este, and Esperanza. Collecting all 30 cards will unlock the achievement “That’s Puzzling”.

Far Cry 6 boasts a vast game world that is split into five minor regions, each with its own unique activities. One of them is the Criptograma chests, with a total of 15 spread throughout the game world. This guide page compiles all the Criptograma Charts available in the game world, while separate pages of our guide provide descriptions of each secret.

  1. Isla Santuario
  2. Madrugada
  3. Valle de Oro
  4. El Este
  5. Esperanza



What are Criptograma Charts in Far Cry 6?

Criptograma Charts are a new feature in Far Cry 6 that allows players to decipher secret messages hidden throughout the game. These charts can be found in various locations and once collected, players can access them in their inventory to decode the hidden messages. The messages can reveal hidden locations, easter eggs, and other secrets that can enhance the gameplay experience.


How many Criptograma Charts are there in Far Cry 6?

There are a total of 25 Criptograma Charts that can be found in Far Cry 6. Each chart is unique and can be found in different locations throughout the game. Some charts are hidden in hard-to-reach locations, while others may require players to complete certain objectives before they become accessible.


What rewards do players receive for finding Criptograma Charts?

Players who find and decipher Criptograma Charts in Far Cry 6 are rewarded with various items and bonuses. These rewards can include new weapons, vehicles, and outfits, as well as in-game currency and experience points. Additionally, players who collect all 25 charts will unlock a special achievement or trophy.


Are Criptograma Charts necessary to complete the game?

No, Criptograma Charts are not necessary to complete the main storyline of Far Cry 6. However, they can provide additional challenges and rewards for players who enjoy exploring and discovering hidden secrets in the game.


Can Criptograma Charts be replayed or collected after completing the game?

Yes, players can continue to collect and decipher Criptograma Charts even after completing the main storyline of Far Cry 6. In fact, some charts may only become accessible after certain story events have occurred. Additionally, players can replay the game and collect any missed charts or rewards.

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