List of Military Targets in Esperanza and FND Bases

Our Far Cry 6 guide provides you with the precise locations of all FND bases found in the Esperanza area. These bases have associated achievements, such as Ninjerilla, Co-Dependent, and Liberty.

There are 21 FND bases in Far Cry 6, all of which must be found and captured to obtain the Liberty trophy. By capturing these bases, you are rewarded with fast travel points and essential resources. Even after finishing the main campaign, you can still locate and capture these bases while exploring the game world. On this page of our guide, you will find the military bases’ locations in the Esperanza region.

  • Fort Esperanza
  • La Divinidad Cathedral

Fort Esperanza

Location: Found on the western side of Esperanza, beyond the city’s official area.

Rewards: 300 XP, 50x Gasoline, and 10x Recruited Los Bandidos.

La Divinidad Cathedral

Location: Found on the eastern side of Esperanza’s downtown area.

Rewards: 300 XP, 50x Medicine, and 10x Recruited Los Bandidos.


What are FND bases in Far Cry 6: Esperanza?

FND bases, or Fuerzas Nacionales de Defensa bases, are military installations that belong to the fictional country of Yara’s army in Far Cry 6: Esperanza. These bases are scattered around the game’s open world and are heavily guarded by soldiers armed with various weapons and vehicles. Players can choose to take on these bases alone or with the help of AI companions or other players in co-op mode. Completing missions and objectives in FND bases will reward players with valuable resources and gear that can be used to upgrade their weapons and equipment.

What is the list of military targets in Far Cry 6: Esperanza?

The list of military targets in Far Cry 6: Esperanza is a set of objectives that players can complete to weaken the army of Yara and help the revolutionaries in their fight against the oppressive regime. These targets include FND bases, checkpoints, convoys, and other strategic locations that are marked on the game’s map. Players can choose to tackle these targets in any order they wish, but some may be more difficult than others depending on the player’s level and equipment. Completing these objectives will also unlock new weapons, vehicles, and other useful items that can aid players in their quest for freedom.

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