List of Unique Shotguns in Far Cry 6

This page contains a guide to the locations of all the unique shotguns in Far Cry 6, divided into regions to make it easier to find them.

  • Humidora
  • Supercharger
  • Ciervo Macho
  • Com.Pew.Ter
  • The True Loyalist
  • Excavation Execution
  • El Rubi


Region: Isla Santuario.

Subregion: Quito.

District: Corto Cay.

The Humidora shotgun is located at the top of the lighthouse in Corto Cay. To reach it, climb up the rope and press the correct buttons. The gun crate will be on top.

Special Features: The Humidora is initially modified with a scope, fire damage, and increased damage for the first shot after reloading.


Region: Madrugada.

Subregion: Aguas Lindas.

District: Cobre Coast.

The Supercharger shotgun can be found in a container in Cobre Coast. First, lift the correct container using a button in a small building. Then, run into one of the containers to reach the gun crate.

Special Features: The Supercharger is initially modified with buckshot, an extra large classic suppressor, cold damage, and rapid reloading.

Ciervo Macho

Camp Development Award: Hunter’s Lodge Rank 2.

Special Features: The Ciervo Macho shotgun is initially modified with buckshot, a DIY collimator sight, and an animal ruler.


Region: Valle De Oro.

Subregion: Noventarmas.

District: Bandido Escarpment.

The Com.Pew.Ter shotgun is located in a chest on a lighthouse in Bandido Escarpment. Access it via a ladder inside the building.

Special Features: The Com.Pew.Ter is initially modified with preparedness, shotgun slugs, a micro collimator reticle, and a laser sight.

The True Loyalist

Region: Valle De Oro.

Subregion: Noventarmas.

District: Cielo Gardens.

The True Loyalist shotgun is found in a chest in Cielo Gardens while doing The Truest Yaran treasure hunt.

Special Features: The True Loyalist is initially modified with explosive rounds, supremo head shots, and a new magazine.

Excavation Execution

Region: El Este.

Subregion: La Joya.

Catalina Ridge District

To obtain The Excavation Execution weapon, you need to complete The Long Drop treasure quest.

This shotgun has several special features, including poison rounds, collimator reticle, on the hill, and the agile shooter.

Esperanza Region: Old Pueblo District

El Rubi shotgun is located in one of the main government buildings in the center of Esperanza. However, once you get there, the alarm will go off.

El Rubi has unique features such as on the hill, gunslinger, incendiary rounds, and x-large cylindrical suppressor.


What shotguns can be found in Far Cry 6?

Far Cry 6 offers players a variety of shotguns, each with its unique characteristics. The first shotgun available is the “Aguila” double-barrel shotgun, which is a reliable weapon for up-close and personal combat. Another shotgun is the “SBS” short-barrel shotgun that offers high damage at close quarters. The “SPAS-12” semi-automatic shotgun is also available and can take down enemies at medium range. Lastly, the “AA-12” automatic shotgun is a devastating weapon that can quickly eliminate multiple enemies at once.

What unique weapons can players acquire in Far Cry 6?

Far Cry 6 offers players unique weapons that can be acquired by completing specific tasks or finding hidden locations. One such weapon is the “Discos Locos,” a modified vinyl record launcher that can create a disco party while taking down enemies. Another unique weapon is the “Resolver,” a makeshift revolver made of car parts that can deal high damage. Additionally, the “Guerrilla Compacto” is a flamethrower that can be used to burn down enemy vehicles and structures. Lastly, the “Libertad Chorizo” is a powerful flamethrower that looks like a cute dog and can be unlocked by completing a side quest.

How do players unlock the unique weapons in Far Cry 6?

Players can unlock unique weapons in Far Cry 6 by completing specific tasks or finding hidden locations. For example, the “Discos Locos” can be unlocked by finding and completing the “Vinyl Crate” treasure hunt, while the “Resolver” can be unlocked by completing the “Car Part” treasure hunt. The “Guerrilla Compacto” can be unlocked by completing the “Burn Baby, Burn” side quest, while the “Libertad Chorizo” can be unlocked by completing the “Chorizo Libre” side quest. Players can also unlock some unique weapons by reaching certain levels in the game’s ranking system or by purchasing them from vendors within the game.

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