Locating Jonah and defeating Trinity army – Downpour

This guide provides a step-by-step walkthrough for the story mission “Locating Jonah and defeating Trinity army” in Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

The mission “Downpour” begins with an unexpected attack by Trinity, resulting in Lara being stripped of her equipment. She must navigate through the oil field to find Jonah while encountering numerous battles with Trinity members. However, many enemies can be eliminated silently through takedowns.

  • Reaching the refinery
  • Defeating Trinity forces in the refinery

Reaching the refinery

It’s important to note that Lara will start the mission with only a knife and axe due to the story’s plot. She will gradually acquire new equipment, including a bow and a heavy machine gun before the final battle. In the next main mission, she will regain access to previously acquired gear.

The mission begins in a riverbed, where Lara acquires a photo of Commander Rourke. Without a ranged weapon, she must sneak past enemies or rely on takedowns. Mud camouflage is recommended and can be found shortly after the mission’s start.

After dealing with the first group of enemies, Lara should climb up to the top shelf and look for opportunities to surprise opponents. She can climb trees and find objects to distract enemies. The next climb requires the grappling axe and leads to the first camp, “The Beach.”

While listening to a message from Rourke, Lara will encounter enemies equipped with thermal imaging goggles. These enemies can detect Lara even if she is hiding, so mud camouflage is crucial. Lara should approach enemies from behind or avoid them when they are busy scanning an area. Lara can use items in the location to create grenades and Molotov cocktails to attack enemies when they are close to each other. She can also sabotage the generator and climb objects. The location exit is marked on the screenshot.

When moving through the next area, be cautious of thermal-goggled enemies. Using mud camouflage will help the heroine hide by walls covered in mud, in addition to bushes. As before, throwing objects and climbing on high shelves will aid in remaining undetected. The screenshot shows the location exit, which requires climbing to the highest shelves, leading to a lookout point overlooking the refinery.

Follow the linear path through the jungle and perform a long jump towards the cliff, using the grappling axe to attach to the climbing wall. Rappel down and enter the cavern shown in the picture, triggering a cut-scene.

Lara acquires a bow and a new skill – Jaguar’s Fear. This skill allows crafting hallucinogenic arrows, which can be found in the immediate vicinity and selected as alternative ammo for the bow in the weapon menu, as shown in the picture above.

Encounter opponents in the next part of the jungle and climb the first tree to test the effects of the arrows of fear. Aim at an opponent and send a hallucinogenic arrow in their direction to make them attack their colleagues and commit suicide. Continue through the jungle, killing or avoiding mercenaries in any way possible. Climbing other trees and sabotaging generators can also make the journey easier. The exit from the jungle is located at the western end of the area.

Defeating Trinity forces in the refinery

After using the bridge leading to the refinery, a cut-scene triggers, followed by an escape sequence. Follow the path and jump on ledges of the metal structure to avoid being killed by mercenaries or the helicopter. The sequence ends when Lara falls into the water and acquires a heavy machine gun from an enemy.

Using the heavy machine gun, eliminate all opposition and target red barrels to make eliminating enemies on balconies easier. Avoid standing still in the open and take cover if necessary.

In the upcoming refinery area, a helicopter will emerge. The first image displays an ideal spot for concealment, along with a supply of ammunition. Be cautious of the helicopter’s gunfire as Lara is easily susceptible to death. The most efficient approach to disposing of the helicopter is to strike the explosive barrels on a balcony visible in the distance, as depicted in the second picture.

Following the helicopter’s destruction, a cut-scene will play, presenting a meeting with Jonah. The duo will proceed to the Mission of San Juan, and you will attain the Heart of the Serpent trophy.


1. How do I find Jonah in Downpour?

Jonah is a key character in Downpour and finding him is essential to progress through the game. To find Jonah, you need to complete the side quest “Homeless” which is given to you by Anne Marie Cunningham. Once you complete this quest, you will find Jonah near the entrance to the Devil’s Pit.

2. How do I defeat the Trinity army in Downpour?

Defeating the Trinity army in Downpour can be a challenging task. To defeat them, you need to use your combat skills and weapons effectively. Make sure to take cover and dodge their attacks. Use your melee weapons and firearms to take down their soldiers. You can also use environmental objects to your advantage, such as explosive barrels and gas tanks. It’s important to keep moving and not get cornered by the enemy. Once you defeat the soldiers, you will face the Trinity boss. Use your most powerful weapons to defeat the boss and complete the level.

3. Are there any tips for navigating the town of Downpour?

Downpour is a vast open world with many areas to explore. To navigate the town efficiently, use your map and compass to plan your route. Look for landmarks and key locations to guide you. Be sure to explore every corner of the town as you may find hidden items and side quests. It’s also important to be aware of the weather conditions as they can affect your visibility and movement. Stay alert for enemies and avoid getting caught in their traps. With these tips in mind, you should be able to navigate Downpour with ease.

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