Mahkra Fishpacking

The elevator takes you down to the production rooms.

This former fishpacking factory has been taken over by synths. Upon entering, you won’t encounter any enemies or anything of interest. However, once you take the elevator down, you’ll come across some synths and have the chance to discover some valuable items…

If you search the corpse hanging outside the window, you’ll find a key to many of the locked rooms in the factory.

Keep in mind that some rooms may require a special key to enter. You can find this key in a small building to the east of the facility. Look for the body of a dead bandit hanging out of the window – he has it.

On the bottom floor, in the northeastern section of the building, you’ll find a Tesla Science magazine.

Check the conveyor belt for items made of aluminum – they’re worth collecting as this material is precious.

You’ll also come across a few yellow chests containing grenades and small green chests with ammunition. However, don’t expect to find a large quantity of these items.

As you attempt to leave the location, synths will appear on the upper floor and outside the facility.


1. What is Mahkra Fishpacking?

Mahkra Fishpacking is a location in the Fallout 4 video game, set in the post-apocalyptic world of Boston in the year 2287. It was once a fish processing plant that was abandoned and later taken over by raiders. The player can explore the location and engage in combat with the raiders or other creatures that have taken up residence there.

2. Are there any quests associated with Mahkra Fishpacking?

Yes, there is a quest called “Cleansing the Commonwealth” that involves clearing out the raiders from Mahkra Fishpacking. This quest is given by a faction called the Brotherhood of Steel and is one of several quests that can be completed to gain favor with the faction. There are also other quests in the game that may involve visiting Mahkra Fishpacking or obtaining items from the location.

3. What items can be found at Mahkra Fishpacking?

There are various items that can be found at Mahkra Fishpacking, including weapons, ammunition, and crafting materials. The location is also notable for containing a unique weapon called the “Harpoon Gun,” which can be obtained by defeating the raider boss at the location. Additionally, there are several notes and holotapes scattered throughout the location that provide background information and clues to other quests in the game.

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