Map M1 of Sanctuary

Main Points of Fallout 4 – Questy M1

Places to start quests

Vault 111 [1] пїЅ Main quests: Out of Time

Museum of Freedom пїЅ Main quests: When Freedom Calls, Jewel of the Commonwealth

Sanctuary [3] пїЅ Minutemen quests: Sanctuary, The First Step, Taking Independence, Mama Murphy

Red Rocket Truck Stop [4] пїЅ Railroad quests: Concierge

Thicket Excavations [5] пїЅ Side quests: Pull the Plug

Drumlin Diner [6] пїЅ Side quests: Order Up

Abernathy Farm [7] пїЅ Side quests: Returning the Favor

The M1 map above displays the initial sector of the Fallout 4 world map. It is the northwest region of the game world, which comprises of the Sanctuary and other locations marked by yellow dots. These are the places where you can initiate quests, whether they are main, side, or faction ones. The red dots indicate other locations that do not unlock any quests but may be linked to quests in other parts of the game world.


What is the Sanctuary Map M1?

The Sanctuary Map M1 is a location map designed for the video game “Escape from Tarkov.” This map is specifically designed to help players navigate through the Sanctuary location in the game. The map shows the different areas of the location, including the different buildings, roads, and landmarks. Players can use the map to plan their routes and avoid dangerous areas. The map is constantly updated with new information and changes, making it an essential tool for any player looking to explore the Sanctuary location in the game.

How do I use the Sanctuary Map M1?

To use the Sanctuary Map M1, players must first obtain the map. This can be done by purchasing it from the in-game store or finding it in the game world. Once the map is obtained, players can open it in their inventory and use it to plan their routes and navigate through the Sanctuary location. The map can be zoomed in and out to show more or less detail, and players can also mark their own locations and notes on the map to help them remember important areas and landmarks.

Are there any tips for using the Sanctuary Map M1?

Yes, there are a few tips that can help players get the most out of the Sanctuary Map M1. First, players should always keep the map accessible and refer to it frequently to avoid getting lost or missing important areas. Second, players should pay attention to the different landmarks and buildings on the map, as these can be used to orient themselves and navigate through the location. Finally, players should mark important areas and landmarks on the map to help them remember where they are and avoid getting lost.

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