Melee Weapons

2076 World Series Baseball Bat

Type: Baseball bat

Special Effects: Has a small chance of launching enemies into the air.

Location: Jamaica Plain. Enter the city hall, go down to the basement, and find the room with two protectrons. Use one of the terminals to open the door to the room on the right, where you will find the bat.

Big Jim

Type: Pipe wrench

Special Effects: 20% chance of injuring enemy legs.

Location: Walden Pond. Enter the pipe and go to the last large room. Big Jim is on one of the tables above. You will have to defeat several raiders on your way.

General Chao’s Revenge

Type: Chinese officer sword

Special Effects: Deals 50% more damage to robots.

Location: Drumlin Diner. You can buy it from Trudy.

Grognak’s Axe

Type: Axe

Special Effects: A successful attack throws enemies off balance and causes bleeding.

Location: Hubris Comics. Enter the building, and find the axe in the highlighted display on the left from the entrance. You will have to defeat several ghouls and break a medium lock.

Kremvh’s Tooth

Type: Machete

Special Effects: Causes targets to bleed and become poisoned. Exceptional damage.

Location: Dunwich Borers. Go to the bottom, and enter the mine. Once inside, keep walking down. The Tooth can be obtained after watching a cutscene – it is located in an underground tunnel. On your way, you will face several raiders and ghouls.

Pickman’s Blade

Type: Combat knife

Special Effects: 25 bleeding damage points.

How to Obtain: Reward for completing the Pickman’s Gift quest.

Rockville Slugger

Type: Baseball bat

Special Effects: Uses 40% less action points.

Location: Diamond City Market. You can buy it from Moe Cronin.

Shem Drowne Sword

Type: Revolutionary sword

Special Effects: Deals radioactive damage.

How to Obtain: Reward for completing The Gilded Grasshopper quest.


Type: Blade

Special Effects: Chance of burning the opponent.

Location: Saugus Fireworks. Enter inside and go towards the furnace. You will obtain the shishkebab after defeating Slag. Before that, you will have to defeat more than a dozen enemies.


Type: Ripper

Special Effects: You receive 15% less damage if you are not moving.

How to Obtain: Build a weapon shop (level 3) in the settlement and recruit an expert who can sell you a legendary weapon.

Deathclaw Gauntlet

Type: Gauntlet

Special Effects: Increased damage.

How to Obtain: Reward for completing The Devil’s Due quest.

Furious Power Fist

Type: Gauntlet

Special Effects: Damage increases with each subsequent attack.

Location: Swan’s Pond. You will have to defeat the Swan, a legendary supermutant.


What are melee weapons?

Melee weapons are close-range weapons that are used in hand-to-hand combat. These weapons include swords, axes, clubs, maces, daggers, and spears. They are designed to inflict damage on an opponent by striking or thrusting with the weapon. Melee weapons can be made from a variety of materials, including metal, wood, and stone. They have been used by warriors throughout history and continue to be used in modern times, particularly in martial arts and self-defense.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using melee weapons?

Melee weapons have several advantages over other types of weapons. They are generally quieter than firearms, making them useful in situations where stealth is necessary. They also do not require ammunition, which can be a significant advantage in situations where supplies are limited. Additionally, melee weapons can be used to disarm an opponent, which can be especially useful in self-defense situations.

However, melee weapons also have some disadvantages. They require the user to be in close proximity to the opponent, which can be dangerous. They also require skill and training to use effectively, which can make them less useful in the hands of an inexperienced user. Additionally, melee weapons can be heavy and cumbersome, which can make them difficult to wield for extended periods of time.

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