Missions for Companions

This section provides details on quests that are related to individuals who can join your team. Completing some of these quests is necessary to persuade the person to accompany you, while others become available after you successfully recruit a new ally. Specific information on how to unlock each quest can be found in their descriptions. Additionally, the name of each quest indicates which companion it is associated with.


1. What are companions’ quests in video games?

Companions’ quests are a type of side quest found in many video games that involve the player’s character completing a task or mission for one of their companions. These quests are usually optional and can be completed at any time during the game. Typically, the quests involve helping the companion with a personal issue or achieving a goal that they have set for themselves. In some games, completing a companion’s quest can also lead to building a stronger relationship with them, unlocking new abilities or dialogue options.

2. How do companions’ quests enhance the gaming experience?

Companions’ quests can enhance the gaming experience by providing additional content and depth to the game’s storyline and characters. Completing these quests can also provide a sense of satisfaction and reward for players who enjoy exploring every aspect of the game’s world. Additionally, completing a companion’s quest can often lead to unlocking new abilities or weapons, making the player’s character stronger and more versatile in combat.

3. Can companions’ quests impact the game’s ending?

In some video games, completing certain companions’ quests can impact the game’s ending or final outcome. For example, in the game Mass Effect 2, completing a companion’s loyalty mission can affect whether or not they survive the final mission. Additionally, in Fallout 4, completing companion quests can affect the game’s ending slides and the player’s overall reputation in the game’s world.

4. How do players choose which companions’ quests to complete?

Players can choose which companions’ quests to complete based on their personal preferences and playstyle. Some players may choose to complete all of the companion quests in a game in order to fully explore the game’s world and characters, while others may only complete the quests for their favorite companions. Additionally, some players may choose to prioritize completing companion quests that they believe will have the most impact on the game’s story or their character’s development.

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