Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord: Clan – Recruitment and Roles

Managing groups, communicating with family, and supervising workshops and caravans are some of the benefits of having a clan in Bannerlord. This guide provides information on how to recruit new members and increase your clan level.

The clan in Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord introduces new features that were not available in the previous installment, Warband. Expanding your clan allows for a larger party size or more companions. This guide covers important aspects of the clan system, such as recruiting members, increasing clan levels, and understanding the different clan roles.

  • What is a Clan?
  • How to Recruit New Clan Members?
  • What are Clan Roles?
  • How to Increase the Clan Level?
  • How to Form a New Party?

What is a Clan?

Your family and companions are part of your clan.

When starting the game, you create a clan by choosing a name and banner. Initially, only your hero is a member, but all companions and family members automatically join. The clan window provides a comprehensive view of your companions and their finances, allowing you to manage your caravans effectively.

How to Recruit New Clan Members?

Companions are the core members of your clan.

Recruiting new members is straightforward – your family and companions are already part of the clan. Hiring new companions and getting married are quick ways to expand your clan. The number of companions is limited by the clan level, but family members do not count towards this limit.

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What are Clan Roles?

You can assign different roles to clan members.

Clan roles determine how a member’s skills are utilized. Children and companions not traveling with you can be assigned roles for when they return. There are four clan roles in Bannerlord, and assigning specific roles to members based on their skills is beneficial. The Members tab in the clan window allows you to change roles.

  1. Scout – detects enemy troops or reveals bandit hideouts. This skill requires Scouting.
  2. Engineer – speeds up the construction of siege machines when attacking cities and castles. This skill requires Engineering.
  3. Quartermaster – trains soldiers on a daily basis, providing them with a small amount of experience. This skill requires Steward.
  4. Surgeon – hastens the process of recovering your soldiers from a stunned state and increases the chances of stunning your soldiers instead of killing them. This skill requires Medicine.

For instance, if your companion has a highly developed Engineering skill, assign them the role of Engineer. Their skill will be utilized during sieges. The assignment of roles is critical because by default, all clan roles are assigned to your hero. If you do not assign roles in the clan, then a clan member’s skills may be better developed than your hero’s but not used in the team.

You may also assign a role to your hero in the clan. The best option is to make your hero a Quartermaster. This role uses the Steward skill that can be developed by providing your soldiers with varied food.

How to Boost Your Clan’s Level?

Defeating a larger enemy army will earn you a lot of reputation.

Increasing the clan level is closely linked to reputation points. You must earn the required number of Reputation points to increase the clan level. In turn, you gain reputation by winning battles. You will receive Reputation points after each victorious battle, but the highest number can be obtained by defeating a larger enemy army.

How to Form a New Party?

Your companions can create separate teams (parties).

You can use members of your clan to form a new party – this is useful in wars between factions, as a separate team of your companion can increase the size of the faction’s army. You can create a new Party in the Parties tab by clicking on the Create New Party button and selecting the new Party leader. Remember that you will be the one who has to pay the salaries of units that become members of the new party. A companion with a new party will travel the world, recruit new soldiers, or fight bandits and hostile factions.


1. How can I recruit members to my clan in Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord?

To recruit members to your clan in Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord, you need to first establish your own clan by completing certain requirements, such as owning a settlement or reaching a certain level of renown. Once you have your own clan, you can recruit members by speaking to potential recruits in taverns or by attracting them through battles and quests. It’s important to note that each recruit has their own strengths and weaknesses, so choose wisely and consider their skills and traits when building your clan. Additionally, you can also offer fiefs and other rewards to persuade potential recruits to join your clan.

2. What are the different roles within a clan in Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord?

There are several different roles within a clan in Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord, each with their own responsibilities and benefits. The leader of the clan is the most important role, as they make all major decisions and have control over the clan’s resources. Other roles include the quartermaster, who manages the clan’s inventory and finances, and the scout, who provides valuable information on enemy movements and potential targets. Additionally, there are also vassals, who are granted their own fiefs and provide troops and resources to the clan. Each role is important in building a successful and powerful clan in Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord.

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