National Guard Training Yard

The National Guard Training Yard is a military base that is frequently visited during various quests. The base is currently infested with ghouls and is full of cannons and laser mines.

To gain access to the ground floor terminal, locate the password on the desk in one of the first-floor offices.

While exploring the base, you can find the U.S. Covert Operations Manual magazine inside the building.

Activate the closed drone by entering the magazine and placing mines before the door.

The camp’s warehouse is filled with a large amount of ammunition, but it requires a master level of lock picking or the use of the terminal on the second floor of the barracks to access it. Be prepared to face a powerful robot upon exiting the building.

There are two power armors located on the base’s grounds: one inside the closed warehouse and the other in a container. Another power armor (T-51) can also be found to the east, inside the abandoned convoy.


What is National Guard Training Yard?

National Guard Training Yard is a military base located in the United States. It is used for training and preparing National Guard units for their missions. The base includes various facilities such as barracks, firing ranges, obstacle courses, and classrooms. The National Guard is a reserve component of the United States Armed Forces and is composed of citizen-soldiers who serve both their communities and their country.

Who can train at National Guard Training Yard?

Only members of the National Guard can train at the National Guard Training Yard. National Guard units from different states come to the base to train together and enhance their skills. The training programs are designed to prepare soldiers for a wide range of missions, from responding to natural disasters to supporting combat operations overseas. The National Guard also offers training opportunities for civilians who are interested in joining the organization.

What are the benefits of training at National Guard Training Yard?

Training at National Guard Training Yard provides various benefits for soldiers. First and foremost, it helps them improve their military skills and knowledge, which is essential for their readiness to respond to emergencies and combat situations. The training programs at the base are designed to challenge soldiers physically and mentally, which helps them build resilience and confidence. Additionally, training at the National Guard Training Yard provides opportunities for soldiers to network and build relationships with other National Guard members from different states, which can be helpful in future missions.

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